1. China Defying Gravity

    Classes are canceled, spring has arrived, and faculty, staff, and students at universities around this country thrill with excitement. In Chongqing, the usually staid and serious teachers gather out on the track in matching jumpsuits, waving banners and talking trash while they prepare to march before crowds of students cheering from the sidelines. Ride the wave of anticipation that resonates through the air as loudspeakers blare with spirited commentary and call out events—the long jump, the...

  2. Bangladesh Metalworking in 150 degrees

    An extremely skilled artisan who worked in a  non-air-conditioned room with a fire in it.    

  3. Bangladesh Intervida Children's Home

    My best friend in Peace Corps, Xaviera worked at Intervida Children's Home.  She invited me to a birthday party for some of the orphans who called it home. 

  4. Bangladesh CLosing Ceremony for English Class

    Closing Ceremony for Department of Youth Development English Class.  Certificate ceremony for my co-ed class. 

  5. Bangladesh Rickshaw wallah in a flood

    2004 was a terrible rainy season.  Don Chamber Road the main road by my house was totally flooded.  Cars could not really pass, but the rickshaws sure did.   

  6. Bangladesh Bangladeshi Wedding.

    My host sister got all dolled up for her wedding.  Then completely freaked me out when she cried the whole time and screamed not to be taken from her family.  Only later did I learn that was all part of the ceremony.  When I saw her a week later, she and the new husband were so happy. 

  7. Thailand A Taste of Thailand

    I probably bike a good hour and a half each day -- which is good, getting some exercise in with all the food I'm eating. I take a shower when I get home, maybe wash my clothes by hand (not the most enjoyable of pastimes, and not intrinsically rewarding in some kind of hokey, sweat-and-blood sort of way, in case anyone idealizes that whole Wordsworthian "common man" mystique), and then wait around for dinner and by the time that's done I'm pretty spent so I usually jot a coup...

  8. Philippines A Home Sweet Home

    This was certainly one of the best times in my entire life! This was certainly the favorite place that I have lived. Remembering the quiet and profound friendship continues to help me know my center.

  9. East Timor Concerning Poop

    Let me first address the smelly elephant in the room, our good friend poop.  In America poop is a private thing.  We take it to another room and modulate its thickness and or frequency with a variety of pills and powders.  People who have trouble with their poop will take a day off work complaining of a cold or some other, less embarrassing, trouble.  And in return our stable American poop agrees to keep to a normal range of colors and consistencies. Not so in Timor.  Poop, its frequ...

  10. Thailand Sukhothai

    Visiting the Sukhothai historical park site.

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