1. Thailand World AIDS Day - Getting to Zero

    Two PC volunteers, about 10 adults and 130 children -- participated in a bike ride for World AIDS Day on December 2, 2011.  The bike ride was the final event from a AIDS/HIV Life Skills Camp held earlier in 2011 in the province of Nakhon Phanom Thailand. Participants showed their support to those living with HIV or AIDS by wearing a red bracelet and also by displaying one of several signs on their body or their bicycle. Signs shared 5-year goals from the UNAIDS program. Signs were available i...

  2. Philippines 50 Years of Service

    While enjoying the Bobon Sto. Nino festival in Northern Samar, the four of us, volunteers in Batch 268, met a volunteer from Batch 3 who had returned to his former site in the Philippines to enjoy the festivities!

  3. East Timor Turn back the tide.

    As a way to thank the famalies who helped in out training the PCV's of TL-5 decided to throw a party.  Everyone liked the dancing and food.  Introducing a pinata in a child rich, candy poor community, however, took a quick turn for the worse. Telling a mob of children who only have candy once a year that they can have a lot of candy if they his something with a stick, not our best idea.

  4. East Timor Fallen Monument

    When the Indonesian occupation force left Eat Timor in 2000 the destroyed infrasturcture and ornament.  This fallen statue in baucau remains an excellent place to sit and hawk phone cards

  5. Thailand I thought that's what I just said

    Today I felt like Inspector Clouseau. It happens every day.  I know the Thai word.  I say the Thai word correctly, or so I think.  Just the other day I was asking a store owner if she had a Thailand flag.  I asked if she had a “tong”.  She looked at me in confusion.  I repeated the word: tong.  She still had no idea what I was talking about.  I even said I was looking for a Thailand “tong”.  No go.  I eventually found her Thailand flag hanging and pointed to it. Her face brightened and ...

  6. China Group Effort

    My students work together to create a poster expressing the history and characteristics of a genre of music. This group works on "Rock and Roll".

  7. China Chatter

    Helen, Catherine, me, and Monsoon chatting during the Peace Corps 50th Anniversary dinner party held for my women's group. 

  8. China First Salad Experience

    Nadia, Mary, and Monsoon, students from my Women's Group, enjoy salad for the first time at an American themed dinner celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Peace Corps.

  9. Thailand Children of the Hills

    Children belonging to a local hill tribe. They help their families earn a living by allowing people like me to take pictures of them.

  10. Thailand Children of the Hills

    Some children on the steps of a temple, dressed in traditional hill tribe clothing.

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“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.