1. Liberia Young Hope/ Old Glory

    Taken in a small village north of Monrovia, Liberia during a PCRV orientation in 2010...

  2. Senegal Brothers

    Bok bene yaye ak bene baye (sharing the same mother and same father).  Family is important and sharing the same father and mother is a special relationship.

  3. Senegal Three Children

    Senegalese children, like children everywhere, are beautiful

  4. Senegal Father and Son

    The Senegalese are devoted to their children and proud of them.

  5. Senegal Seynebou and N'Diaya

    A member of my family.  I don't know if I adopted them or if they adopted me.  At any rate, knowing the Sarr's was wonderful.

  6. Senegal Circumcision Rites

    Becoming a man, a milestone in life.

  7. Senegal Go Fly a Kite

    I built this kite in my village of M'Boulouctène, Senegal.  After flying it I left the village for a couple of days.  When I returned every kid was running around trailing a piece of string with a scrap of paper tied to it.

  8. Sierra Leone Albert Academy, 1962

    With Form 1 students

  9. Sierra Leone Meeting The Prime Minister

    We arrived in Sierra Leone shortly after the country had received its Independence from Great Britain. My roomates, Jim Sheahan and John Weinberg and I were all teaching at secondary schools in Freetown, the capitol city. One evening after school was over, we went to Lumley Beach for a swim. The beach was empty except for some Ghanian fishermen pulling in their nets. A short time later, two vehicles pulled up and parked behind a group of tall palm trees. A group of people got out and beg...

  10. Madagascar Madagascar in photos, overview

    This is a collection of photos from my travels through the country as a volunteer.

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“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.