1. Liberia "Going Bananas"

    Liberians are very capable of carrying most anything on thier heads, and in this case, it is bananas getting a ride...

  2. Uganda Cabbage patch

    Crop irrigation, Ugandan style.

  3. South Africa South African National Anthem

    The South African National Anthem as sung by students of Gonela Primary School in the Venda area of South Africa. 

  4. Ethiopia Peace Corps Pet Vignettes

    I was 22-23 when I was in the Peace Corps and was courted by quite a few Ethiopian gentleman who all knew that I LOVED animals. I received two bunnies from a guy working outside Addis Ababa who lived near a couple who raised bees for honey, which is what we made Tej from, good to drink and yes, you can get tipsy from it. I already had a cat and a dog, and another man saw the bunnies and brought me two big white ducks, thus the need for the duck pond. The Duck Story. Thanksgiving was...

  5. Ethiopia An Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony

    The Girls' Club I worked with as a Volunteer helped me make this video to share with some American students that I was pen pals with.

  6. Ethiopia Watching Obama's Inauguration

    Singing the American national anthem with some friends while watching President Obama's Inauguration televised at a local bar.

  7. Uganda Circumcision Ceremony

    In eastern Uganda, the tribe of Mt. Elgon, the Bamasaaba or Bagisu, circumcise their teenage boys as initiation into manhood. The ceremonies occur every two years and are marked by vigorous dancing.

  8. Senegal Lucky in Love

    Sept-place rides were usually exercises in mental oblivion.  Two hours on horrible, pitted Senegalese roads was enough to make anyone fear for their safety, and my usual companions in shared sept-place cars were annoying young men brimming with marriage proposals.  I preferred to sleep or bury my nose in a book.  But one afternoon I ended up beside a pleasant-faced woman who introduced herself, in perfect English, as Anta. “I live in Kaolack,” she explained, “But I grew up in The Gambia.  Fa...

  9. Senegal Radio

    This guy was never without his trusty, rusty old radio.  He's enjoying a relaxing moment under the shade structure with his favorite tunes.

  10. Senegal Prized Possession

    Adama was so proud of his new horse, he insisted on a picture of himself with it.

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“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.