1. Madagascar Entrepreneur in Madagascar

    A woman sells regional hats and bracelets in the hot, arid town of Ambovombe.  Since the Malagasy tradition is to bring a souvenir, "voandalana", she makes most of her sales to travelers passing through in bush taxis.  

  2. Niger Happy Girls

    Girls from different villages in the Zinder region bond during our week-long Girls' Empowerment Camp.

  3. The Gambia Bubbacarr's Chicken

    Bubbacarr was the youngest son of the director of the hospital where I worked.  One day, his mother told him to catch this rooster so we could have it for lunch.  He caught the chicken, but it pecked him and got away.  He chased it down, and again, it got away.  The third time, he caught the chicken, and was able to hang on to it.  He marched around the hospital grounds, showing everyone his chicken before presenting it to myself and his mother.

  4. Tanzania Living [in] a dream

    After living overseas for 15 months, I have returned to U.S. soil to see family during Christmas and New Years. Thoughts about this trip have been bouncing around in my brain for 5 months. That's when I first started talking to my parents about coming home for the holidays, and I had been dreaming about America ever since. As December approached, and as I saw my friends take their leave across the Atlantic and come back, I began to wonder what my encounter with American culture would be like....

  5. Niger Guerwol Beauty Contest

    Every year, hundreds of Wodaabe herders gather in the desert for the Guerwol festival, a celebration consisting of dancing, singing, and a traditional male beauty pageant.  The men paint their faces red and line their lips and eyes in black.  They bare their teeth and widen their eyes, as these features are considered most attractive.  I was fortunate enough to witness the festival in 2009.

  6. Niger Two Years in Three Minutes

    The last two years of my life in three minutes, with photographs from Niger, Benin, Togo, Ghana, Senegal, Morocco, Tunisia, Italy, and Spain.

  7. Madagascar Health Fair Draws a Crowd in Northern Madagascar

    Volunteers give health messages at a health fair in Antsohihy, Madagascar

  8. Madagascar Gardening in Northern Madagascar

    A host brother helps with watering gardens in Northern Madagascar

  9. Madagascar Home Therapy

    A young girl, 14 year-old Brenda, applies ground curry root to PCV Dorothy's bruises to help heal it.

  10. Madagascar Teaching English in Anketrakabe, Madagascar

    PCV Dorothy instructs an English class at the CEG in a rural town in the North of Madagascar.

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“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.