1. Zambia That and How.

    Someday, when this journey is over, we will sit together. Perhaps we will be cupping steaming mugs, perhaps we will be stabbing salads, perhaps we will driving to and fro. Because that is what one does when one is young and lives on an island. And we will be talking. Of boyfriends, of other friends, of awful bosses, of the more awful lack thereof. Because that is what one talks about when one is young and lives on an island. And then you will ask me of Africa. And I will tell you certa...

  2. Tanzania One Person

    I made this video because I wanted to share with people how much of an impact one person can make if one would only try.  I'm an average person but Peace Corps helped me accomplish amazing things.

  3. The Gambia My Education First

    This is a billboard in Basse, The Gambia.  The entire time it was up, PCVs would discuss what was going on in it, depending on the experiences we had had with the educational system.  If you had a bad week, then it was a teacher propositioning a student.  If you had a productive week, it was a girl telling her father she wasn't ready to get married.  Either way, and everything in between, it was a lot of fun to make up stories about it.

  4. The Gambia Pounding Millet

    Every day, all day, the women gather to pound the millet or the rice for the days meals.  It is hard work, but can be a lot of fun also.  They sing, tell stories, gossip.

  5. The Gambia She's One Of Us

    I had only been in village a few months.  Most of the time, I was the only "tubob", or white person in my West African village. One day, as I was walking from the backyard of the main house, my host fathers youngest son, Mohamadou (3 years old) came running around the corner like the devil was at his heels.  He saw me, screamed my name and threw himself into my arms.  I picked him up and held him while he gripped me and burried his face in my sholder.  My Serehule wasn't that great ...

  6. Togo Welcome to the Savannah Region

    Two girls curiously peer at the stranger while their mother has gone into the cassa ronde to fetch some tchakpa, a fermeted millet drink that she makes herself.

  7. Cameroon EFA International Living Positively

    In 2005, Peace Corps volunteers and their counterparts founded Education Fights AIDS (EFA) International, a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting the successful future of HIV-infected/affected African youth through education, enterprise and empowerment. Our regional office in the Far North of Cameroon supports over 120 individuals in 9 youth groups, forming EFA's Youth Empowerment Network. Some support groups have started income generation activities, and most are affiliated with loc...

  8. Niger Snack Line

    The girls in this kindergarten class in Kantche, Niger line up to have kunnu (a millet based porridge) as a morning snack.

  9. Togo Good friends

    One of my dissappointments in Togo was that I didn't get to live in a mud hut.  There was a cement factory in Tabligbo that had been built by the Swiss (I think). They had also built several housing developments for the workers.  The housing was not filled, so we were lodged there.  I had a very nice three bedroom villa with running water and a kitchen, but not much furniture.  These are volunteers plus our friend Sim (Ghanaian). 

  10. Togo Don and his wives

    Conan (in the back), Don, Ann, Linda and I went through training together. We were all teachers in different villages.  Linda and I were in the same village.  Don had a great house near the coast and was a wonderful host, so we visited him a lot.  As a result, we were considered to be his wives. 

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“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.