1. Madagascar Ambatoloaka, Madagascar

    Winter on the beach.

  2. Madagascar Lives of Quiet Dignity

    Madagascar, one sometimes forgets, is a country of incredible crushing poverty, a result less of disease and not of war, but of decades of poor governance and missed economic opportunities. Of a population just over twenty million, 75% live below the poverty line. Half are under the age of eighteen and, with the average mother giving birth to 6.6 children (one of the highest birthrates in the world), the population is currently due to double every twenty years.  15% of Malagasy children don’t...

  3. South Africa Western Medicine in Northeast South Africa

     My host family in the village of Phoshiri has a daughter named Vivian and since I am an honorary member of the family while I am living here, Vivian is one of my “host” sisters.  ‘Vivian’ is her given English name and in her case it is unique that her given English name is far more commonly used than her native Sotho name.  In fact, I cannot even recall her Sotho name come to think of it.  The South Africans call her Vivian and so I do as well.              Vivian is 29 years old and she ha...

  4. South Africa A rainy night kombi ride through the South African brush

    The town of Phoshiri where the Peace Corps assigned me to live is only reachable by bus.  There are no paved roads in or to the village.  The kombis (South Africa taxis) don’t run to the village and it’s not reachable by foot as it sits away through the bush on the side of a mountain over a river and 12 kilometers from the nearest ‘town.’                 My first three months in South Africa, it never rained.  Not once.  I have never gone so long in my life without seeing rain.  (Actually I’...

  5. Mali Fast

    It's Pre-Service Training, it's Ramadan. This is how the days go. You wake up at four AM stumbling out from underneath your mosquito net with a full bladder, flashlight in hand, wiggling into flip flops and pressing the door open, careful not to touch the crickets inside the door frame, who stopped chirping, for once goddammit, when your flashlight turns on, flickering between gripping fingertips. You walk outside where the host sisters have prepared breakfast. Maybe you walk to the nyegan ...

  6. Zambia beautiful grasshopper

    a fellow volunteer and i found this amazing grasshopper outside of my hut one day. the neighbors warned us to beware because it excretes an oil that would make us "drunk".

  7. Zambia sokola hip

    this preschool aged girl demonstrates impeccable mastery of the precise hip movements which define the cultural dancing in zambia.

  8. Zambia resilience

    a woman carrying goods into the solwezi market

  9. Zambia reflections


  10. Zambia cheese!

    this amazing smile helped me through so many days...

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“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.