1. Namibia 3 learners

    three of my more gifted learners at kandjimi muranji scondary school

  2. Kenya The Vomit Clinic

      Excerpts from my blog at http://bigtummyinkenya.blogspot.com February 4, 2006. My friend Julia runs the village vomit clinic. She calls it an herbal medicine practice, but when sick people come over to your house and barf into a basin so you can analyze it, I call it a vomit clinic. She has been running it for about four years, and people come from as far as Kapsabet, the district capital an hour and a half away by bus, seeking the healing powers of puke. The vomit potion is a family secre...

  3. The Gambia Gunane

    Working in the groundnut field.

  4. The Gambia Should I get in this car?

    A setplas I took to the Kombo from Basse.  It had its own juju around the steering wheel.

  5. Malawi profound moment

    I was at the local post office in my town in Balaka, Malawi. I was accustomed to speaking Chichewa, the local language, every time I went there. One day I was waiting in line and I heard a distinctive American voice; I looked around to find the white person - the other 'azungu' in the area. I looked and looked and went around the building and back and there was no white person to be seen. Finally I let my ears do the walking; I saw a telephone booth and in that booth was a young woman about m...

  6. Zimbabwe Victoria Falls Bridge

    This is Victoria Falls. The bridge crosses from Zimbabwe to Zambia.

  7. Malawi wikipolo

    This child's name is Wikipolo. He is being cared for by a very young mother.

  8. Malawi hippos

    These are hippos seen from the local Hippo Bar; a place where we could have soft drinks and watch Hippos. Never get between hippos and the water.

  9. Zimbabwe giraffe

    These are giraffe seen at Hwange National Park in Zimbabwe.

  10. Malawi kudu

    These are African kudu, the closest thing to American deer. They are the feast of choice for lions.

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“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.