1. Malawi Even Chickens Ride the Bus

    These are just a couple of young girls I sat next to on a mini bus who had a live chicken with them.

  2. Malawi Everyone Loves to Dance in the Rain!

    One day during rainy season, we had a particularly heavy down pour so I was just sitting in my house, reading and enjoying the thundering cacophony emanating from my tin roof. I was laying on my sofa when I thought I heard laughter and singing drifting in my open front window. When I sat up to investigate, I discovered a few neighbor children dancing and singing outside my house, half-naked in the pouring rain. Needless to say, it brought a huge smile to my face and was a great photo op!

  3. Malawi Africa's Fallen Angels

    Their crumpled, lifeless bodieslitter the cold cement floorAn unlikely graveyardRemnants of a long, overnight battle,a struggle to survivea fight for fooda buzzing debacle of sorts.Fallen soldiers,ripped limb from limbSilent, sleeping amputees,With no more song left to sing.The casualties were highon every side.Each army’s dismembered comradescreating a eery obstaclefor their gods to tip-toe by.No one gives a second glanceto their twitching,spazzing appendages.We cannot entertain the thoughto...

  4. Malawi Third World Super Women

    You haven’t seen a silent strength like this beforeThe long hours of physical labor“women’s work”I wonder if their necks aren’t made of steel orTheir hands of thick, soft kevlar.I’ve seen these women accomplish impossible featscarrying so much water atop their heads, a friend must help to hoist it up there.I’ve seen them grab angry, red coals with bare handsand hold the edges of cooking pots with no complaintsThese women come complete with night-visionas they walk calmly with ease besidemy st...

  5. Zambia Weaving Reed Mats

    When I first got to my Peace Corps village, I made friends with the oldest and most crotchety man in the village.  I made friends with him because he wove these beautiful reed mats and I wanted to learn how to make them.  At that point in my service, I didn't know that only men who were "retired" (old enough to do nothing else) wove these reed mats.  My language skills were rudimentary and he spoke no English.  I figured this would be a good way to improve my language skills and lea...

  6. Botswana Xi and I: Tales from the Kalahari

    In the semi-blockbuster movie The Gods Must Be Crazy, the protagonist, Xi, a bushman from Botswana, finds a Coca-Cola bottle in the Kalahari Desert. The bottle, dropped from a plane, is hitherto unknown to Xi and his people. As the story unfolds the mystery and newfound significance of this “gift from God” turns Xi’s uncomplicated world upside down. Separate characters appear and plotlines evolve–most affecting emotions and encounters Xi never had before–but the central theme is that the bott...

  7. Senegal Ouli

    My little brother, Ouli, gets very excited whenever I get my bike out to go anywhere. He gets even more excited when I sit him on it.

  8. Ivory Coast Chef du Village

    Coulibaly Doh, the Village Chief of Sohouo, is proudly wearing his new t-shirt, which was given to him as a gift from some friends who visited me during my service. 

  9. Mali keeping dry in the rainy season

    Village kids playing on the mortars.

  10. Botswana Snack Time

    Finishing a pear.

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“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.