1. Mozambique A Weekend of Soccer and Games

    I went to watch my town play our rival (the next closest town to us, 2 1/2 hours away) in a friendly soccer match last summer. I turned out to be more exciting to watch than the players to this group of kids. They danced and sang for me, ignoring the many pleas of the soccer fans to pay attention to the game (which we won!). 

  2. Mozambique Just a daily visit from my neighbors

    A big part of my Peace Corps experience is the downtime I have at home after I get done with all of my daily work activities. These 2 kids have become some of my closest friends in my neighborhood. They are outside my door in the morning, at lunchtime, and when I get back from doing activities in the community in the afternoon. They have taught me so many games, told me too many ghost stories, and never miss a chance to accompany me to the market (where they insist on holding my hands and hel...

  3. Malawi Protest

    A Peaceful protest in my boma with women of all ages, some men and a procession of cars, paraded around the boma prtesting the abuse of women and female child.

  4. Malawi Sunrise over Lake Malawi

    Travelling to Livingstonia, we were hiking down the mountain and had a beautiful view of the escarpment, and lake Malawi.

  5. Malawi Eweyes (kids)

    How do you describe the experience of children living in a developing county? It's hard. Do you describe them physically? The fungal sores on their heads and bulging bellies with stick-like arms due to malnutrition? Do you describe their clothes? Often dirty, torn, ill-fitting or useless? How can you fit in the hardships, lost opportunites, hope, joy, their sense of family, the fact that children no more than babies themselves carry around baby siblings on their backs? I think the best w...

  6. Malawi Backyard Sunrise

    Here you wake up with the sun. Stepping out my back door in being greeted by the sun in a burst of color.

  7. Ghana Meeting the Ambassador

    I was in Ghana in 1974-76 and was there when Shirley Temple Black was the Ambassador. I had grown up knowing that she and I have the same birthday, April 23. On our birthday, April 23, 1976 I was in the capital city, Accra and decided to see if she would meet with me ( I had met her before at a Peace Corps dinner).  I went to the American Embassy and ran the doorbell and was greeted by the Marines at the front desk.  I explained that I was a Peace Corps volunteer who had the same birthday as ...

  8. The Gambia Cultures combine

    My parents came to visit after my first year. Here they are in their Gambian outfits.

  9. Mozambique The diversity that is Peace Corps!

    From different backgrounds, cultures and cities of the U.S. together to serve the people of Mozambique. Love!

  10. Botswana Mokoro

    A mokoro is a traditional wooden boat, usually steered by a person standing at one end with a pole or long stick/branch.  They are used in the Okavango Delta and wetter areas in the north of Botswana as both transportation and tourism activity.

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“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.