1. Malawi Game Day

    Football uniforms drying on my fence. Game days were the entertainment highlight of the week and sometimes month.

  2. Malawi Waiting for Water

    During the dry season I would get up at 4am and wait 2 hours in order to get one bucket of water.

  3. Namibia Gardening workshop in Namibia

    Learning how to garden using local resources and effective techniques for Namibia. The workshop included PCVs and host country nationals.

  4. Mozambique Beach with Students

    With my students on the beach, next to the Indian Ocean

  5. Mozambique Mozambique

    Maxixe, Inhambane

  6. Mozambique Peregrinação

    My school was on a Catholic Mission and once a year the whole community walked 23 kilometers in a religious pilgrimage to a beautiful spot right on the Indian Ocean. I snapped this photo during the walk.

  7. Mozambique Automobile travel

    Transportation in Mozambique

  8. Mozambique Boat travel

    I saw a fishing boat passing by, while on the beach. It appears some people were looking for a ride

  9. Mozambique Last day of class

    One of my students wrote this on the board, the last day of class before I went home

  10. Mozambique Teacher Amanda with students

    Taking a break with students, in between classes

Countdown to Weekly Contest Deadline!

“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.