1. Malawi Traditional Beekeeping

    A group of local bee keepers harvest honey from a log hive - no suit and no smoker. They were seeking help from me to help source funds for equipment and more sustainable hives.

  2. Malawi Making moonshine

    My mom made the local brew called Chachasu. It was a potent malt lbeverage that sold for 50MK (or about 30 cents) per COKE bottle. The price has now raised but is still less than $1. Many women count on this as their only source of income.

  3. Malawi Light after the Storm

    This beautiful rainbow came out after a heavy rain in Dedza.

  4. Malawi Water is Life

    My main water source during the wet season. It was semi close to my house and fast to fill the hole. We cherished this time of year when water was abundant.

  5. Malawi Contemplation

    I saw Alex sitting on a rock at sunset on Lake Malawi. I couldn't resist this shot. He looked so peaceful.

  6. Ghana I Am a Mere Person

    Life is sometimes an evanescent state in Ghana. John and I came back to Kumasi in 1974, after we’d been in Ghana for about a year, to find that one of my workers was very sick. I had a crew of men who helped me do a survey of the geology around the city. The man’s name was Awuni Frafra, the surname taken from the northern tribe to which he belonged. He was only 22 years old, at least a head taller than the other workers (common for people from the north) and strong and vigorous. Since he was...

  7. Kenya This is what I shared with my co-workers on March 1st

    I served in Kenya from 1989 to 1991 as a small business advisor in a small village named Sochoi, five miles outside Lessos, Kenya.   I learned so many things from Peace Corps and Kenyans, especially the Nandi people (with whom I lived). These lessons have guided me every day since leaving Sochoi. From Peace Corps, I learned to "leave behind a process, not a product."  Succinctly said, it's more important -- and more difficult -- to empower people than power up a building, generato...

  8. Malawi Tiny Baby

    Malnourished child and mom at under five clinic, Kamuzu Central Hospital, Lilongwe

  9. Malawi Ladies in Red

    Independence Day Celebration, Lilongwe 

  10. Malawi The Rains

    The rains were welcomed by all after months of hot, dry, and dusty days. The children loved hanging out in my house and making popcorn while it poured or standing on my porch to play games during the light rains.

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“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.