1. Senegal Bath Time

    Baby sister, Ami (aka Jessica) enjoying the fact she is small enough to hang out in the bucket.

  2. Senegal Night Braids

    My best friend, Dou braiding my hair in the dark one last time.

  3. Senegal Learning

    My two little brothers reciting what they learned in class that day. The best way to get information across is to incorporate karate moves.

  4. Senegal Village Women

    These lovely women were walking back to their village in the southern Kaolack region of Senegal.

  5. Namibia Himba Bracelets

    These are bracelets designed by the Himba which is one of the last remaining traditional tribes in Namibia. The bracelets are made from recycled PVC pipe and feature traditional designs of the Himba.

  6. Senegal Lunch

    Anyone Hungry?

  7. Senegal Paper Recycling in Senegal

    These are members of my Eco-Ecole program (an environmental education program for 9-11 year olds) who are ripping recyclable paper with me to make paper briquettes to use for cook stoves.

  8. Senegal "White person, your hair is so pretty. But, your body is dirty."

    For eighteen months, I lived in Senegal, West Africa.  For eighteen months, I listened to strangers, acquaintances and, at times, my closest friends refer to me as “toubab.” Toubab is the name given to white foreigners. Sometimes it’s used as an identifier.  I would hear my sister say over the phone, “You know, Bienta Toubab.”  Which was important because I was living in a family that had four women named Bienta. But it was still hard.  It was never, “Bienta Voluteer,” since I ...

  9. Namibia Hopper

    A species of grasshopper found in Namibia. The colors of their shells are brilliant and the photo really does not do their size justice. This one I found hiding in a shrub and it was gracious enough to allow me to get close enough to photograph it.

  10. Namibia Kudus

    This photo was taken at a lodge near Otavi. The Kudu's horns were placed against the wall of a building with a simple mortar and stone foundation and thatched wall and roof.

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“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.