1. Burkina Faso Computer Camp in Koudougou

    "Last night a semi-truck collapsed the bridge just up the road. You're not going anywhere today." This was not the news I was hoping to hear the morning I was supposed to take 16 of my best eighth grade students from our village to the regional capital for a computer camp. "Oh, and on top of that, 80% of the cell phone service in the country is out today." Even better. Somehow I managed to get a hold of a friend in the city who miraculously sweet-talked a bush taxi into c...

  2. Swaziland America Puzzle

    Children on our homestead are putting together a puzzle of America. The oldest, Thando, is hard at work.

  3. Swaziland Maize Under the Moon

    The staple food of the people of Swaziland is maize. My husband took this picture one evening from our porch.

  4. Burkina Faso A Wonderful African Success Story

    A Wonderful African Success Story  Richard P. Phelps   Two decades ago, I traveled to Burkina Faso, in the African Sahel region, to teach mathematics. There, I would enjoy the company of extraordinarily friendly people and cooperative students, improve my woeful French, and travel across the gorgeous and historically significant West Africa some as a tourist. Also, I would experience dust storms, heat rashes, a scorpion sting, and several illnesses, some of which I could identify and...

  5. Democratic Republic of Congo Mukobo's harvest

    Fish farmer Mukobo and family at his first harvest.  The fish he raised was Tilapia nilotica. 

  6. Democratic Republic of Congo Three Musketeers - Congo style

    Forest leaves make for good hats to protect yourself from the hot tropical sun while waiting for the pond to drain to harvest your fish.

  7. Democratic Republic of Congo Fish farming - A family affair

    Filling the pond compost bin with the boys.

  8. Senegal After the Rains

    This photo was taken the day after a big rain.  The path was flooded, and you can see the towers from the village Mosque in the distance.

  9. Cameroon Last Day au village

    I woke up after a restful sleep around 8am, without an alarm, of course, and put on my running shoes for one last jog down my favorite path. The crisp air made for a comfortable jog. I took noticed of each house that I ran by and took in each rolling hill that I passed. I will unlikely to have a regular running path this beautiful for years to come. I waved at villagers along the way that I often see; likely the last time I would see those faces again. Returned home and heated water in...

  10. South Africa Broken Down Orange Truck

    Once a month, our village holds a Pensioners' market.  Here is a broken down orange truck at the market.  Everything from house-hold goods, fruits and vegetables, live chickens, clothes, and plastic buckets are sold at the market.

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“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.