1. South Africa Sunset over the Sand River

    Sunset falls over the Sand river - the river that runs through our village.  People use the river for washing clothes, bathing, swimming, fishing, drinking, and collecting water for house-hold use. 

  2. South Africa Sunset on the Railroad Tracks

    Sunset falls upon us as we walk home along the railroad tracks in the village.

  3. South Africa The Long Road...

    Woody walking on the road to our school.

  4. South Africa Dry Season in the Village

    Dry season in the village - a view from a top a nearby mountain.  From this distance, we could still hear the cowbells ringing below.  Ding, ding, ding...

  5. Cameroon In the Dark

    A darkness known only to those who have set eyes on a midnight sky in Africa.  A single flame from an ordinary kerosene lamp spilled dancing, tribal-like silhouettes on the walls of my living room.  The crankshaft of the shortwave radio produced a machine-like hum, but did not interfere with the French play-by-play commentary.  Huddled around the cross-section of an oak tree turned coffee table we resembled primitive people eavesdropping on the modern world.  The smell of fresh popcorn was go...

  6. Namibia Being Alone

    Spending so much time with yourself can lead to some very interesting situations and internal conversations. I’ve found myself making songs with the swishing noises of mouthwash before bed, which never fails to ultimately lead to an impromptu bathroom dance party. I’ve walked the long way out of my building so that I could pass more flats and delicately turn my head just so in order to peer into the open doors and judge the furnishings of my fellow Old Age Home neighbors. “Just as I suspecte...

  7. South Africa Dancing With Joy

    Starley Talbott Thompson (aka Anderson) dances with an elder during a traditional wedding celebration in the village of Moruleng, Northwest Province, South Africa.  Onlookers cheered as Starley and her partner danced with joy.  Village weddings are events that take weeks to prepare for, and are attended by most of the residents of the village.

  8. Guinea The Positive Legacy of Peace Corps

    As part of the Carter Center's Election Observation Mission for the Guinea 2010 Presidential Election, I lived in the city of Kankan (near the border with Mali) for 3 months.  While this was 7 years after my Peace Corps service and although the Peace Corps activity in Guinea had been stopped due to political unrest, the people that I met in Kankan had a very favorable impression of Peace Corps Volunteers and liked me more when I explained that I had been one in another country (Uzbekistan).  ...

  9. Zambia Delilah's New Friend

    Delilah my cat looking at my newborn goat Chaco.  They were fascinated by each other.  

  10. Zambia Reading Together

    This is one of my friends from the village and his young companion.  This young boy took such good care of his blind friend.  They would come over and read to me from his braille Bible.

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“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.