1. Mozambique PST Community Clean Up!

    Moz 16 PCTs and their homestay families gave a helping hand on June 12th to clean up a part of the local hospital.

  2. Cameroon Le pain H

    A typical breakfast in my village consisted of a mini-baguette filled with beans.  There were several names for this morning meal including, "Le pain H", et "Le Jazz avec le pain".

  3. Cameroon Short, Dark, Handsome Stranger

    My Peace Corps training period took place in Dang – a small village of around 80 in Cameroon’s Centre Province. Although only five people lived at my host family’s home, there was a crowd of 10-15 gathered around in our living room most evenings to watch the new American guy eat couscous de maïs (thick corn mush with a doughy consistency) and hear him attempt to communicate with his broken French and hilarious accent. As no one in my village, other than the other trainees, spoke more than two...

  4. Senegal Mr. Cool

    Adama was taken by a PCV to a hospital participating in Operation Smile to have his cleft lip repaired.  Then he put on a hat and sunglasses to highlight his cool new looks to his friends and family when he got back home.

  5. Senegal Healthy Porridge

    A boy in Senegal eats healthy porridge his mom learned how to make from a PCV healthy porridge demonstration.

  6. South Africa Blue-headed Tree Agama

    A Blue-headed Tree Agama hanging out on a tree in the courtyard of our primary school.  Because they bob their head up and down, there is a myth among the villagers that they call down the lightning from the sky. 

  7. South Africa Bug on Our Windowsill

    This strange bug landed on the latch of our window at home. 

  8. South Africa Falling Bridges...

    Dumptruck full of sand fell through the bridge that divides the two sides of our village.  Until the bridge could be repaired it made it quite difficult for Woody and I to get to two of our three schools.

  9. South Africa Millipede...

    Millipede I found on our walk in the village.

  10. South Africa Spider Walking on Water

    A small spider swimming around in our cats' water bowl.

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“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.