1. Zambia rainbow over victoria falls

    This is a rainbow over victoria falls. circa 1992

  2. Zimbabwe family of hippos

    I took a 10 day canoe trip through a park in Zimbabwe. We canoed very close to this family of hippos.

  3. Zimbabwe giraffe

    Zimbabwean giraffe in hwange national park. circa 1992.

  4. Tanzania Happy Halloween

    Villagers were not aware of pumpkins as we know them in America.  I introduced the seeds and they were excited about the whole process.  I showed them how we carve pumpkins for a special occassion called Halloween.  It was a great cross-cultural exchange.

  5. Senegal You say tomato, I say...

    Ya (Mama) Oumy posing with part of the harvest from the women's group vegetable garden, made possible through a USAID Food Security grant in 2010.  That's a lot of tomato sauce and delicious vitamins!

  6. Senegal First Communion

    Senegal is 95% Muslim, so the Christians (mostly Catholics) are few and far between.  However, in the big cities, there are a few churches and each service is an experience, complete with beautiful music and drumming, dancing, and multi-lingual experiences.  These young children were celebrating their First Communions and the church was packed in celebration.

  7. Senegal Rose Colored Glasses

    I taught the kids in my compound (and my chef du village father and everyone else...) how to use their hands to make a pair of eye glasses, the way I did as a child.  Hours and DAYS of enjoyment, laughter, and cultural exchange! Then we danced the Macarena...

  8. Nigeria "Ahh, Kennedy. Il est mort."

    In 1964, my friend Marge and I left Sokoto in a Peace Corps jeep, headed for adventure. We crossed the border into Niger. No problems at the border...a small hut on the Nigerian side with a couple of youngsters in uniform waving us through. Similar kids a hundred yards later on, and similar treatment. We got some good French bread in the first little town we came to, and said unkind things about Nigerian bread, recipes for which were created by the British. We set off through the desert f...

  9. Senegal Hoopiness!

    I host a Girls Club in my neighborhood which meets twice a month. I try to involve the girls in creative thought and play.  This week, we made hoops from PVC pipe, connectors, and electrical tape and learn some basic moves.  They were movin' and groovin' in no time--quick learners!  Just before this video was shot, I challenged the girls to hoop in silence for 5 minutes.  As you can see (hear) this didn't really work that well.  The high-pitched moaning is an attempted form of commuication.

  10. Zambia Take me for a ride...

    My best friends litte girl, Theresa, hanging out with me as I fix my bike

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“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.