1. Malawi wikipolo

    This childs name was wikipolo. The grandmother is shown here caring for wikipolo. I thought the name was great; though I do not know what it means in Chichewa.

  2. Malawi carlsberg beer in malawi

    circa 1992. carlsberg beer distribution center Malawi.

  3. Malawi favorite tailor

    This was my favorite tailor in Malawi 1992.

  4. Malawi my host family in Malawi

    This was my host family in Malawi circa 1992.

  5. Malawi the lorry transport

    This was standard transportation in Malawi circa 1992. Hard to fathom when coming from a land of one car per person in the USA.

  6. Malawi gotta be happy with a bike!

    Bicycling in Malawi is the main mode of transportation. This fellow was having a jolly good time.

  7. Malawi Malawi host family

    This is my Malawian host family. circa 1992.

  8. Malawi child reading

    This is a picture of a young child reading in my village in Malawi. circa 1992. We are all born somewhere and must find a way to learn wherever we are.

  9. Malawi kudu

    Kudu on top of nyika plateau. Malawi 1992.

  10. Malawi wildebeest

    Wildebeest on top of nyika plateau in malawi. circa 1992.

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“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.