1. Botswana Bots 3 Close of Service Conference with HE President Festus Mogae

    Bots 3 close of service conference. Dignitaries in attendance: His Excellency President Festus Mogae of Botswana, U.S. Ambassador to Botswana Katherine Canavan, and Minister of Health Prof. Sheila Tlou. March 3, 2007.

  2. Botswana Bots 3 Swearing-In Ceremony

    Bots 3 training group Swearing-In Ceremony at Kgosi Kgari Sechele II Secondary School in Molepolole, Botswana on May 25, 2005. All 27 trainees who arrived at staging in Philadelphia 10 weeks earlier made it through training and 1 year of service.

  3. Rwanda Rwandan Rainforest

    Nyungwe rainforest comprises one of Rwanda's three national parks, and is a popular destination for hiking and camping.

  4. Rwanda Nursery School Students

    These young students study at Saint Leonard Nursery and Primary School in Nyagatare, Rwanda.  Nearly all students in Rwanda wear school uniforms, and at Saint Leonard, they consist of blue blouses, blue sweaters, and blue shorts or skirts.

  5. Rwanda Mountain Gorillas

    People come from all over the world to see the mountain gorillas in Rwanda's breathtaking Volcanos National Park.

  6. Rwanda Rwandan Sunset

    The sun sets in Nyanza, Rwanda.

  7. Rwanda Island-Hopping in Lake Kivu

    Amahoro Island, a small island on the Rwandan side of Lake Kivu, is a beautiful place for Volunteers to relax.

  8. Rwanda East African Border

    Rwanda on the left, Democratic Republic of Congo on the right

  9. Togo Mom and her poster child for child weighings

    When we first met, I thought this beautiful Fulani mother's young child would die of malnutrition. He was so severely underweight and malnourished that his weight was similar to children a full year younger than he. The health volunteers and I biked to her farm community every month during the dry season to hang a Salter scale from the branch of a tree and weigh all the children. We counseled this mom on enriched porridge, organized a demonstration to prepare the porridge with the farm women,...

  10. Togo Nothing like fresh pork

    Meat was a very rare delicacy in my village Affem Kabye but on very special occasions I would join my health counterpart in a pig slaughter and then enjoy a delectable meal eaten with his beautiful wife and his 8 bubbly, contagiously happy children. At one point during my service an entire pick up truck full of PCVs came to visit because they heard we were slaughtering a pig and preparing spicy peanut sauce. Oh c'est bon!

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“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.