1. Kazakhstan Celebrating 18 years of service with President Obama

    Thanks to a local friend of PCVs in Pavlodar, Kazakhstan President Obama "traveled" the country giving everyone the chance to become a PCV and be congratulated by the President.  Seen here is a very active local volunteer at the library's American Corner.

  2. Mali reflection pool in a desert country

    These are the fisherman of lake Manantali returning with a fridge full of fish to Manantali village.

  3. Cameroon poisson braisée

    my favorite meal in Cameroon: poisson braisée avec batons de manioc. This was my regular fish mama in Batié.

  4. Cameroon Batié Market

    The once every 7-day traditional market in my Peace Corps village, Batié.

  5. Senegal Getting a Little Perspective

    The great baobab trees of Senegal are a good reminder of just how old Africa is.

  6. Senegal Little Pulaar Girl

    A little Pulaar Girl poses for a photo in traditional garb.

  7. Uganda The Power of Pineapple

    "What can I do to motivate my students?" I think to myself, as I hastily pack my things one morning before heading to school. "They talk in class, they fail my tests, and even if I broke down and started caning them like the other teachers, they still wouldn't care about physics."   Then suddenly, a revelation: "I'll tempt them with food!"   Bag packed and sandals strapped on, I leave my house—a two-room shop stall at the heart of a rural trading center in weste...

  8. China Group Effort

    My students work together to create a poster expressing the history and characteristics of a genre of music. This group works on "Rock and Roll".

  9. China Chatter

    Helen, Catherine, me, and Monsoon chatting during the Peace Corps 50th Anniversary dinner party held for my women's group. 

  10. China First Salad Experience

    Nadia, Mary, and Monsoon, students from my Women's Group, enjoy salad for the first time at an American themed dinner celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Peace Corps.

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“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.