1. Belize puzzling

    in the Belizean village of San Jose Palmar, a soon-to-be preschool student tinkers with one of many puzzles while his mother looks on

  2. Guatemala Sparkly.

    Some of the boys making flowers to decorate a car for the Parade. What you don't know from this picture is that about 30 seconds after I took it, a major Glittler-throwing war began and ended with about 10 sparkly 13 year old boys. It was quite hillarious. 

  3. Guatemala Flowers.

    Some of the girls making flowers out of plastic bottle to decorate a car with for the Parade. I was impressed with their creativity!

  4. Guatemala The Masses.

    Feria, Day #1. Early in the morning, the Premaria (elementary school) students had a parade throughout town (which I encountered while out running errands). The parade ended up here at this futbol field directly in front of my house where the announcer gave the statistics for the school and the kids got to do their dance in front of everyone. But what you can't hear in Michael Jackson playing in the background which makes this scene truly magical...

  5. Guatemala Conservative?

    As conservative as Guatemalan culture is, especailly in my site where the majority of the population is indigenous and wear their traditional "Traje," It was amazing for me to see the outfits my kids wore for the Feria - or the town Fair, as in this picture. But they were so proud as they were dancing down the streets of our town. I couldn't help but be proud!

  6. Niger Happy Girls

    Girls from different villages in the Zinder region bond during our week-long Girls' Empowerment Camp.

  7. Georgia New Year's Eve Fireworks

    An amazing fireworks display in Akhaltsikhe, Georgia, ringing in 2011. Families all over town launched fireworks into the sky that they had bought from street vendors the week before. More at www.seanandmckinze.com.

  8. Guyana Helping Hands

    Traditional handicraft is a huge part of our Amerindian village's culture and identity.  Hats, fans, necklaces, baskets, a backpack of sorts called a Warshi, and other items are made from the surrounding resources.  They use certain vines, grasses, and the leaves of the Ite' Palm to create the items and then use them till they degrade to the point that they can't use them anymore. In trying to preserve part of their culture, older members of the community hold small seminars and invite the yo...

  9. Tanzania Living [in] a dream

    After living overseas for 15 months, I have returned to U.S. soil to see family during Christmas and New Years. Thoughts about this trip have been bouncing around in my brain for 5 months. That's when I first started talking to my parents about coming home for the holidays, and I had been dreaming about America ever since. As December approached, and as I saw my friends take their leave across the Atlantic and come back, I began to wonder what my encounter with American culture would be like....

  10. Niger Guerwol Beauty Contest

    Every year, hundreds of Wodaabe herders gather in the desert for the Guerwol festival, a celebration consisting of dancing, singing, and a traditional male beauty pageant.  The men paint their faces red and line their lips and eyes in black.  They bare their teeth and widen their eyes, as these features are considered most attractive.  I was fortunate enough to witness the festival in 2009.

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“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.