1. China Quick delivery

    A common scene on the streets of China

  2. China Survival

    A Bullfight Festival in Kaili

  3. China In the mood

    Dong ethnic performance in Rongjiang

  4. China Anticipation

    Dinner with the family

  5. China Trust

    A random street in Chengdu

  6. China A day's work

    Xijiang Village, Kaili

  7. Guatemala Hogtied Crock

    While eating breakfast one morning my host dad, Fernando, asked me, "Lisa, were you frightened?" I had no idea what he was talking about. "No. Why?" I replied. "I thought maybe you saw the crocodile outside when you went to the bathroom this morning." "Crocodile?" I thought, "Am I translating this right?" So, I peered outside and sure enough there was a hogtied crocodile laying 5 feet from the front door. The crocodile had been terrorizing the...

  8. Guatemala Feria Blues... and Pinks, and Yellows and...

    Guatemalan feria worker patiently awaiting passengers for his colorful carousel.

  9. Guatemala Styrofoam Wedding

    As the young Guatemalan bride sits down with her groom to eat their reception lunch, the "girl bride" is busy playing with styrofoam flakes that showered the newlyweds after they exchanged their vows.

  10. Togo Welcome to the Savannah Region

    Two girls curiously peer at the stranger while their mother has gone into the cassa ronde to fetch some tchakpa, a fermeted millet drink that she makes herself.

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