1. Fiji A Peace Corps Volunteer's Wish

    As a PCV you are in the public eye as a representative of the United States --- representing the best of America’s hopes and dreams by assisting other countries. Please watch my video to learn how a Peace Corps Volunteer is like a star! More details on my Peace Corps experience: www.courtneyraysplaceofbloggage.blogspot.com

  2. Turkmenistan A Turkmenistan Wedding Movie

    Turkmen weddings, or Toys, are not to be missed. Seriously. Even my COS date was commented upon not because I was leaving (perhaps never to return) but because it meant I would miss my cousin's wedding. They are the social event of the week, although even in some small villages, you may have 2 or 3 other Toys to attend that same week...  Preparations for Toys are often more intensive than the Toys themselves, and everyone gets involved.  This collection of videos is from a small village out...

  3. Turkmenistan Homecoming

    Women welcoming a new bride into their family. These women are leading the new "gelin" (bride) into her new home with her in laws. 

  4. Turkmenistan Dancing Queen

    My two year old "host niece" busting a move at her uncle's wedding. 

  5. Jamaica Dancin'

    During a 4-H Clubs Achievement Day event in Golden Grove, St. Ann, Jamaica, these young students came and started dancing to the music. All the young students were instantly attracted to the older boys and sat mesmerized by their simple side steps. Music and dance are a part of life in Jamaica and children learn all the styles from an early age.

  6. El Salvador Anniversary Celebrations

    The local youth group decided to celebrate the community's anniversary by bringing back an old tradition that they did in exile during the civil war. There statement is clear. "We are Here!!"

  7. Fiji Test Results Are In

    Students in Fiji take standardized tests just like in America. On our island the leaders and community gather together while the students are testing. There is a service, prayer, and a feast celebrating the expected results. After the test is completed and sealed the teacher goes over the tests with the kids because they are so anxious to see how well they did!

  8. Armenia project presentations

    Youth development project camp, the BRO camp was just getting started.

  9. Armenia helping hands

    Team of local volunteers cleaning up one of the main streets in the city of Gyumri

  10. Armenia summer days

    Taking a rest in the shade from the hot summer day

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“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.