1. Turkmenistan Ashgabat City At Night

    Although they don't have much in the way of traffic now, the capital city is well prepared with wide roads and street lamps for when that day finally comes. Flying into the city at night, the colorful array of lights is quite impressive.

  2. Moldova Cross-cultural Shopping: A Goal Two Story?

    Last Sunday, I went to the supermarket in my neighborhood to pick up staples for the week. I buy certain things every day, because some products don’t last very long and the stores are on my way, but I need food for the animals, cleaning products and certain Moldovan foods that I’ve come to depend on, as well as lunch food for the week. I bought a large container of a salad I enjoy, some beer and cheese and meat and all the beverages I need for a week or so. This trip I had remembered to bri...

  3. Guyana Smoke Ceremony

    Before the Deep South Games that are held every August, the audience gets to participate in a smoke ceremony.  

  4. Guyana Bucking Bronco

    Cattle wrangling is a huge part of the Rupununi Savannah.  To highlight some of the talents of the vaqueiro or cowboy, a Rodeo is held every Easter.   These events usually hold horse riding, bull riding, and also rope technique. This event also shows how popular US culture has carried over into my area.

  5. Guatemala Life

    I believe there are very few things, physically, that Guatemalans cannot accomplish. They are the embodiment of inner strength and endurance. To you and me, we see a log that needs to get from point A to point B and think, "I need a truck." To a Guatemalan, all they need is some rope and sheer will power. I am humbled daily by their strength.

  6. Belize babies!

    Babysitting Baby Elton for the day.

  7. Belize Men's Yoga Class

    The men were jealous that I do Yoga class for the women, so I started a Men's Yoga Class after they play football.  Namaste! (Monkey River Village, Belize.) 

  8. Belize Village living

    A typical Sunday afternoon in the village.  (Monkey River Village, Belize) 

  9. Belize Amber

    One of my students, Amber.  The beauty of her spirit is reflected in her eyes. :)  (Monkey River Village, Belize) 

  10. Belize My host brother!

    Having fun with my host brother, Kerkland. 

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“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.