1. Mongolia Grandmothers

    During Tsagaan Sar ("White Moon/Month"), the biggest holiday in Mongolia, people visit each other's homes. This is my counterpart's mom and her sister, in their best deels (traditional clothing).

  2. Azerbaijan Ashura

    A Muslim day of mourning which remembers the martyr Husayn Ibn Ali (prophet Muhammad’s grandson) and 72 of his companions who were killed fighting for justice in 680 AD.  

  3. Azerbaijan "Helping Promote a Better Understanding"

    I left the U.S. during a time when Americans were struggling with their perceptions of an entire religion, that of the Muslim faith.  I didn’t understand the messages of hate which were being expressed by my fellow Americans and I thought (and I still think) it came from a lack of understanding and a fear of the unknown.  Serving here in Azerbaijan with the Peace Corps has confirmed just how wrong so many of my American compatriots are on this topic. For the first time in my life, I atte...

  4. Guyana Poison Bath

    Little boy walks through the valley of the mountains down to a stream to catch some fish (tilt your head to the right)

  5. St. Vincent and the Grenadines Mattafix & Camp Courage (In My Hometown)

    Mattafix's Marlon Roudette shares about lessons learned growing up in his hometown of St. Vincent & the Grenadines and Camp Courage, a youth empowerment initiative in development by current Peace Corps Volunteers in SVG.

  6. St. Vincent and the Grenadines Mattafix Camp Courage

    As in many of our countries served, St. Vincent has a very high unemployment rate, causing many teenage boys to turn to negative lifestyles. Camp Courage is a career development camp for boys near high school graduation to give them the resources necessary to make the transition between school and the workforce a little smoother. Marlon Roudette, lead singer of the popular group Mattafix, is a native of St. Vincent and was home for the holidays. We made this short promotional video for our ca...

  7. Costa Rica Modern Volunteer

    Years ago, volunteers were assigned communities with no water or electricity, including no internet access. Today, I don't think I could be as productive and resourceful as I am with these things.

  8. Costa Rica Snow

    Her name is Martha and is as white as the snow.  I took a picture of her when I was first integrating into my community by learning how to milk a cow - I failed lol

  9. Costa Rica Handmade Pottery

    Young man continuing the traditions of his Chorotega ancestors' craftmanship in the community of Guaitil de Santa Cruz.

  10. Honduras Going native

    Like almost everyone else, I thought that I would end up living and working in a small village.  However, I quickly realized in training that I preferred a larger site, and was placed in a small city that had everything one needs.  The one drawback was not seeing the "culture," or how things were vastly different from the States. I arrived to the point where I was preparing for COS and I was working in a mountain community and touched what I refer to as Honduran poison ivy.  Actuall...

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“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.