1. Georgia Rooster

    This photo embodies my pre-service training village, Kvishkheti.

  2. Malawi Protest

    A Peaceful protest in my boma with women of all ages, some men and a procession of cars, paraded around the boma prtesting the abuse of women and female child.

  3. Malawi Sunrise over Lake Malawi

    Travelling to Livingstonia, we were hiking down the mountain and had a beautiful view of the escarpment, and lake Malawi.

  4. Malawi Eweyes (kids)

    How do you describe the experience of children living in a developing county? It's hard. Do you describe them physically? The fungal sores on their heads and bulging bellies with stick-like arms due to malnutrition? Do you describe their clothes? Often dirty, torn, ill-fitting or useless? How can you fit in the hardships, lost opportunites, hope, joy, their sense of family, the fact that children no more than babies themselves carry around baby siblings on their backs? I think the best w...

  5. Malawi Backyard Sunrise

    Here you wake up with the sun. Stepping out my back door in being greeted by the sun in a burst of color.

  6. Thailand This is not just a job, this is life....

    On November 24th, my host father, Sub-Lieutenant Kusol Kongsri, passed away at the age of 74. The experience of his death, the grief, and the funeral were the hardest part of my Peace Corps experience to date. In all honesty it has been one of the hardest experiences of my life. It is hard to explain all of this through writing but I believe that it is important to share. My host father had been suffering from diabetes for quite some time, but he was extremely active, smart and engaged d...

  7. Costa Rica Cafecito Time

    Traditional cafecito (or afternoon coffee) in Costa Rica is served with coffee and some sort of bread or sweet treat.

  8. Costa Rica Class Photo

    Children pose for a class photo at the end of the school year in December in Copey, Costa Rica.

  9. Costa Rica Culture Mural in Copey

    The process of creating a community mural in Copey, Costa Rica.

  10. Costa Rica Paint Hands

    A youth takes a break from painting a mural in Copey, Costa Rica.

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“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.