1. Thailand Female Monk - Bhikkhunis Samaneri

    I was recently offered the opportunity to join in a 2 week event which is allowing Females the same opportunity that Males have had forever.  The opportunity was to ordain as a Female Buddhist Monk. The lineage of Female Monks in Thailand and in other parts of the world is in question but there are groups who are working to change this and make it possible for Females to experience the time honored tradition which has, for hundreds of years, only been available to Males.  The experience w...

  2. Namibia Escaping rising flood waters

    Owambos living in northern Namibia flee the rising flood waters with their bed mattresses. PCV living in the north have also been relocated for nearly a month now.

  3. Moldova Folkloric Group Rehearsal

    Folkloric song and dance is a rich part of Moldovan culture and in my town I am very fortunate to have an active folkloric choir. The director, Natalia, is a music teacher at the local school and most of the members of the group are in some way connected to me (my host mom, my work partner, the director of the NGO for physically handicapped children, teachers, librarians, etc.). This group of women not only enjoys to sing, dance and overall have a great time but they also have become...

  4. Moldova Just Kiddin' Around

    Goats are a major part of the agricultural industry in Moldova as a source for meat, milk and clothing.  Most families own their own small herd consisting of a couple Nannies and a few kids.  This little guy was just hanging around one day while I was walking through my pre-service training village.

  5. Thailand Peace Corps 50th Anniversary Touted in Songkran Parade

    Songkran is the Thai New Year and is celebrated from April 13-15 each year. Traditionally, it was to visit and pay respect to elders, including family members, friends, neighbors and monks. Now, it has a new twist all tied to water and lots of it! During parades and or just trips down a road -- you are doused with water from containers, water guns or water hoses. You can give it as good as you receive. Groups also roam in the backs of trucks tossing water at other trucks or even people on the...

  6. Botswana Mopane worms

    Mopane worms are eaten throughout Botswana.  They are named for the pane tree, whose leaves they eat.  While those pictured are live; after they have been prepared, they tend to be a deep green.  They are first dried, then deep-fried in oil, then cooled.  They are sold by the baggieful and munched on by young and old, wealthy and less so.

  7. Moldova 1st Friend

    My first Moldovan friend when I moved to site was my 6 year old host nephew. He not only wanted to hangout with me playing UNO and throwing the frisbee but also proved to be an excellent tutor!

  8. Moldova Hilltop Views

    This photograph was taken on a hike in my training village of Milestii Mici, Moldova.  It was a beautiful sunny day and a welcome break from our Romanian lessons. 

  9. Moldova Jewelry Club

    My Jewelry Club helping celebrate 365 days of Peace and Friendship.

  10. Honduras Tu Bandera

    WWSP Kinder class in Orocuina, Honduras sings national anthem 'Tu Bandera' of Honduras to share with WWSP Kinder class in Garner, North Carolina.

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“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.