1. Costa Rica Holy Week!

    During holy week, it's a tradition in rural Costa Rica to make corn-based products (pastries) that would accompany a usual coffee break during the day.  This one is one of my favorite pictures and they are called rosquillas; perfectly shaped minidonut-looking things made with lots of cheese.

  2. Costa Rica Pateando Barro

    Local artesan of Guaitil de Santa Cruz is kicking a mix of clay, iguana's sand and water as the third step of the preparation process to produce handmade Chorotega pottery.

  3. Costa Rica Pies de B

    Kicking clay is one of the steps artesans take as part of the pottery-making process. In a big mantel, you mix 100% with 50% of iguana's sand and water.  Step, kick, step until consistency is adequacte to make pottery. I had the opportunity to do it and it felt amazing! Hardwork indeed.

  4. Costa Rica Brave Guard Dog

    "Perro que ladra, no muerde" -- A "dicho"

  5. Costa Rica Just Another Day In Tortuguero

    My wife and I relaxing on a very hot and humid day with our frequent visitor, Mocha.

  6. Philippines Trike with Kids

    After a day working in one of the villages, one of my coworks decided to snap this picture as we waited for the trike to fill up with people in order to return to the "poblacion".  

  7. St. Vincent and the Grenadines No More Litter!

    After a successful beach clean-up in my village with the students from my school.

  8. Moldova From skim to whole

    Each night my host mother milks Meatsa the goat. We use the milk for drinking, cooking, and making cheese. Here you see my host mom teaching me to milk the goat for the very first time. 

  9. Mozambique Lady Gaga's Little Monsters in Mozambique

    Me and my sitemate spent the afternoon teaching 50 young girls, who are part of a girls empowerment group, Lady Gaga's epic "Bad Romance" dance.  It was brilliant!

  10. Thailand Life as a Female Monk

    I was recently offered the opportunity to join in a 2 week event which is allowing Females the same opportunity that Males have had forever.  The opportunity was to ordain as a Female Buddhist Monk. The lineage of Female Monks in Thailand and in other parts of the world is in question but there are groups who are working to change this and make it possible for Females to experience the time honored tradition which has, for hundreds of years, only been available to Males.  The experience was ...

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“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.