1. South Africa How I Met My Host-Mother. . .

    After having been at our site for nearly 6 months, our host-mother shows up one day completely unannounced out of the blue.  After initially arriving at our permanent site, we were told by one of our Principals who arranged the housing for us, that our host-mother is not living on the property. She is a single woman who owns the property but she had recently moved to a bigger city and found a boyfriend.  So instead, her nephew has been living in the main house in order to take care of the p...

  2. South Africa First Time With Computers

      We received 29 computers from a donor in Australia for the computer lab at one of our primary schools. Woody got a few of them set up in time to have an “impromptu” opening of the new computer lab after school just to allow the kids to check out the computers. Unfortunately due to a wiring mismatch with the electrical sockets, we only had enough working outlets to be able to get two computers running. But, after letting a few kids into the lab to try out the computers, we soon realized t...

  3. South Africa Too Many Marula, Not Enough Pineapples

      It's marula fruit season in the village. These marula fruit are everywhere! Dropping off trees left and right. Villagers are collecting the local marula fruit from trees to be sold at market. We saw people lined up along the main road to sell their fruit to a commercial purchaser. In addition to marula, there are several other fruits that are in season at this time of the year including mangoes and guava. As a result, we've noticed an usually high number of kids in trees these days try...

  4. South Africa Broken Bridges

      Recent flooding from heavy rain washed away the bridge that connects the two sides of our village. Making it difficult for Woody and I to get to 2 of our 3 schools. We have to cross the river in order to get to two of our schools on the B-side of our village and our Principal says that there are crocs in the river.

  5. Moldova Cotton Candy

    Katea's first bite of cotton candy.

  6. Botswana Camping Along the Okavango Delta

    Woody rides in a traditional Botswanan mokoro canoe filled with our camping gear. 

  7. South Africa The Computer Lesson

    Kids watch intensely as Woody demonstrates the typing program during the opening of the new computer lab at one of our primary schools.

  8. South Africa The Girls

    Robin hanging out with the girls in the village

  9. St. Lucia Contemplating Coconuts

    Why is he putting coconuts on his roof? Ah, it must have a leak. Yes, that is it. The roof has a leak and people know how to use resources here to their advantage. But how will he fasten them to the roof? Humm. Maybe he will poor cement on top of them. Builders use cement for everything. But why didn’t he put a layer of cement down before carefully laying the coconuts onto the roof? And, why does he need coconuts and cement? Why not just cement? I don’t see any cement bags.Maybe he is an arti...

  10. Guyana Play time

    Nursery student play oustide on a slide during their breaks. 

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“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.