1. Mozambique Corpo da Paz!

    At a 50th Anniversary event in June 2011.

  2. Mozambique Kickin' It

    Mozambican primary school girls perform a tradition dance during a 50th Anniversary celebration during PST

  3. Mozambique PST Community Clean Up!

    Moz 16 PCTs and their homestay families gave a helping hand on June 12th to clean up a part of the local hospital.

  4. El Salvador When it rains, it pours.

    Never had I ever experienced rain like this until Peace Corps El Salvador, when the rain just falls for hours and hours in sheets and buckets. There is no going anywhere, just time to wait it out and watch the rainfall. Asi es.

  5. El Salvador Silhouette

    Just another day in site...

  6. El Salvador Don't forget to brush your teeth.

    Tooth Brushing Charla- Los Cimientos, Morazan, during a medical brigade, May 2011.

  7. Georgia My Workspace

    Student presentations in the classroom.

  8. Thailand A Guide to Knowing When You're in Trouble

    When the two of you start having things. A thing we had early on was sometimes during a conversation I would just stare at her and smile, partly because I enjoyed looking at her (she's a very look-atable gal), but mainly to annoy her, which worked magnificently. She would ask Mii arai? (What is it?) and I would play dumb and ask Mii arai? back and we'd have a little Mii arai? war until she'd get frustrated and snap Mai mii! (Nothing!) and I'd pretend to ponder over this and reach an und...

  9. South Africa Blue-headed Tree Agama

    A Blue-headed Tree Agama hanging out on a tree in the courtyard of our primary school.  Because they bob their head up and down, there is a myth among the villagers that they call down the lightning from the sky. 

  10. South Africa Bug on Our Windowsill

    This strange bug landed on the latch of our window at home. 

Countdown to Weekly Contest Deadline!

“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.