1. Honduras Weekend Morning

    Visiting my great volunteer friends, a couple, in coffee town Honduras.

  2. Vanuatu Save the reefs

    Men in our village collecting crown of thorns which are destroying the reefs of Vanuatu

  3. Vanuatu A day in the garden

    Some of the hardest physical days were also some of the best days. Here we are busy planting yam in the family garden.

  4. Vanuatu Bae yu go wea?

    I had the amazing and humbling honor to be asked by my high school to speak at their 2011 Commencement. My reflection and experiences are based on my Peace Corps service. Here is the transcript.   Principal Harrington, Teachers, members of the School Board, special guests, parents and especially the 2011 graduates, thank you for this honor to speak to you today. Wow, this is weird I just gave a talk like this to a group of students a few months ago…it was in a tiny village thousands of mile...

  5. Madagascar My Driver the Hallmark Card

    I am not necessarily one for the Hallmark-ey things of the world. I do not watch Lifetime specials; I did not cry at the end of Titanic; Valentine’s Day makes me borderline nauseous. The last familial birthday card I sent was addressed, “From one deeply emotive heart to another.”But occasionally one encounters in life a person so delightfully cheesy and wonderful that even the least emotive heart cannot help but be swept away by their joy and charisma. It is as if one is suddenly and all at o...

  6. Madagascar Mango Season, A Metaphor for all Things Wonderful in Life

    On November 1st, it was though someone had flipped a switch and the rains began to fall. Six long months and many a fruitless rain-dance had produced hardly a drop, now, the opening of the sky is a daily event, one that requires due consideration for the afternoon schedule. For these are torrential downpours and venturing out in them is much akin in my my opinion to snorkeling: extreme difficulty breathing, high likelihood of drowning, thus high risk to low reward. Fortunately for the captive...

  7. South Africa Cat Crazy!

    We started with two kittens that we received from the Pakistani store-owners in our village.  The kittens grew up to be cats who attracted the attention of male cats elsewhere in the village and we've been flooded with kittens ever since!  At least these two mother cats always help each other out with their massive litter of kittens!  How many cats/kittens can you count in this picture?

  8. South Africa Don't Worry, Be Happy!

    The bridge spanning the river between our village and the neighboring village was never well-constructed.  Oftentimes it cracks or pieces of it collapse and the repairs are always temporary and poor in quality.  One morning a taxi driver's van fell right through the middle of the bridge as it collapsed beneath him.  But, why worry?  I think this picture of the taxi driver and his van greatly demonstrates South Africans' ability to look past adversity with a smile, and not worry about circumst...

  9. Madagascar Fetching Water

    We saved our vacation days to spend a month in Madagascar during the second half of our Peace Corps service.  It was fun seeing how many things about Madagascar are different than South Africa and how many things are the same.  Here's one thing that's the same: kids trekking through the fields to gather water of questionable quality and haul it the distance back to their homes, with a good attitude about it all the while.  Here's one thing that's different: the fields the kids pass through in...

  10. Niger Making an Improved Cookstove

    This is a picture of me and a bunch of my favorite Nigerien children whom I was teaching how to make an improved cookstove out of mud and dung. 

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“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.