1. Georgia Home

    My town in the mountains

  2. Georgia Fishing

    Waiting for a catch!

  3. Georgia Fishing

    Waiting for something to catch.  Hopefully it's a fish.

  4. Georgia Move Please!

    Cows always are in the way.

  5. Georgia Winter Time

    Heavy snow in Georgia

  6. Mongolia Newly Married

    Tunga and I after our wedding celebration

  7. Mongolia Morning of Mongolian Wedding

    Talking with my niece, Badmaa, during the morning of my wedding to her aunt, Tunga

  8. Mongolia Mongolian Wedding

    My wife Tunga and I getting married in Sukhbaatar province as Tunga's father, Jargalsaikhan, hands me a traditional silver bowl with Mongolian milk

  9. Mongolia Golden Mountain

    Overlooking the sacred Mongolian mountain Altan Ovoo, or Golden Mountain, during a three week Children's Summer Camp in Dariganga village, Sukhbaatar province

  10. Guatemala Telephone Talk

    Talking on the phone in Guatemala is always an awkward exchange. You can be confident that the person on the other line will answer the phone by saying “aló” which sounds like “hello” with a spanish accent. I have two theories on the word “aló.” Since the word means hello but is exclusively used when answering the phone I'm convinced that either A.) Spanish speakers made-up the word after the invention of the telephone for the sole purpose of answering calls like the American inventors demons...

Countdown to Weekly Contest Deadline!

“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.