1. Costa Rica chancho's feet

    in the process of butchering the pig.

  2. Costa Rica bloody hand

    my host sister's hand covered in pigs blood.

  3. Costa Rica don carlos the butcher

    my host dad butchers a pig.

  4. Costa Rica remains of chancho

    my host family have a farm behind their home which serves as a lecheria and a carniceria as well.

  5. Costa Rica elote

    a batch of steamed corn ready for consumption.

  6. Costa Rica Cutting the Kernels

    Preparing the corn for grinding.

  7. Costa Rica Grinding the corn III

    grinding corn to make chorreada

  8. Costa Rica Grinding the corn II

    Grinding corn for chorreada.

  9. Costa Rica Grinding the corn

    During a reunion of the seniors group, one of the members grinds corn to make chorreada.

  10. El Salvador Skill of Perspective

    All Peace Corps Volunteers come from lives of relative comfort. We had washing machines, refrigerators, and we didn't have to cross the room every night to turn off the light then curse ourselves for leaving something on the floor between the light and the bed, and then scream in pain when we trip on said something in the dark. We all gain a new appreciation lets say for those modern conveniences. I, for example, bow to the washing machine. When I see it, I kiss it, hug it, and say sweet noth...

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“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.