1. Morocco Reflections on Interdependence

    A few days ago I came home from my morning English class and cafe sitting time to a stream of water coming out of the spout connected to the roof. Hearing my knock, my 15-year-old host sister, Khaoula, stuck her head over the edge and told me to come up. I'm not usually invited up to the roof as this is normally the women's domain. I was greeted on the top step by a splash of water to the face and a happy family working together. The entire family was watching the man of the house, Hassan,...

  2. Micronesia Yes, I Do Know How To Swim

    The Department of Education is responsible for classroom observations. Four times a year we are supposed to go sit in on a few classes at each of the seven schools; six elementary and one secondary school. Five of the elementary schools are easy to get to, you drive along Kosrae's one road and you pass them. But Walung is reachable only by boat or down a really steep, one year old, hold-on-to-your-stomach rough dirt road. Electricity in Walung is provided by a rarely used generator. Often W...

  3. Morocco HIV/AIDS Awareness Campaign

    During my service, I worked with local community organizations on various campaigns. This is a picture from one of our HIV/AIDS awareness campaigns where we walked around the city passing out literature and talking with community members about the disease.

  4. Micronesia How To Catch a Reef Fish

    This is a bottle and line for reef fishing used by my host brother to catch supper. Surprisingly effective.

  5. Micronesia Katherine's Island

    I created a map for my friends and family to better visualize the small island on which I lived.

  6. Malawi Matola Adventure Pt. 1

    This was my main mode of transportation when I was in Peace Corps Malawi (06-08) to travel from the village of Kapoka to Misuku where I lived (Chitipa district, bordering Tanzania). It was about a 45-minute ride up winding hills on a dirt road which turned into the red sea during the rainy season. A fun adventure nonetheless!

  7. Morocco Pouring Tea

    When my parents came to visit, my friends and colleagues treated them to delicious Moroccan tea at the youth center where I spent most of my time. Pictured are two local counterparts, Lahcen and Rachida.

  8. Malawi Ndolo dance

    This dance is specific to the northern region of Malawi. Performed by women only, this video was taken in the village of Misuku in Chitipa district.

  9. Morocco Camp El Jadida Team Action News

    A product of the August-September, 2006 Camp El Jadida Journalism Club with Peace Corps Morocco & the Moroccan Ministry of Youth & Sport. Peace Corps Volunteers Andrew Meyerson and Moshay Simpson worked with nearly 30 students of the best journalism club ever assembled to complete Camp El Jadida Team Action News! Filming took place over the course of 2 weeks and complete video production took nearly 2 months. The news broadcast is 37 minutes in length. Copyright (C) 2006 Andrew Meyers...

  10. Morocco Look What We Caught!

    I was walking home one day from the Boys and Girls Club-type place where I worked, and some of the local kids ran up to me screaming, "Teacher, teacher! Look what we caught!." I was quite impressed. They're a lot smarter than I was at that age. Did you know how to catch birds when you were in elementary school? I made sure that the birds were released unharmed.

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“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.