1. Honduras Pila Love

    The Pila--the water storage of rural Honduras. Here we wash our clothes, our bodies, and our food. Here we hang our tooth brushes and hats. This pila is located on the farm of Don Juanquis in la Cumbre San Lucas, Cabañas Copan, Honduras.    

  2. Honduras Doña Elvira

    Doña Elvira lives in Bo. Lempira, Cabañas, Copán, Honduras. She was my host mother's mother, and became my adoptive grandmother. She is a beautiful woman who taught me how to make breads, orange-leaf tea, and many other little lessons of the campo. 

  3. Madagascar Madagascar in photos, overview

    This is a collection of photos from my travels through the country as a volunteer.

  4. Guatemala The First Floor

    This is the first of many cement floors that we built. Most rural Guatemalans live inhouses with dirt floors

  5. Honduras A Small Peace - A Big Change

    My Entry for the NPCA's "My Piece of the Peace Corps" Video Contest. By Rachel Jill Papernick Returned Peace Corps Volunteer (Honduras 2007 - 2009) Music: "Lavarse las manos!" used with permission: Composed by Sarah Anne Guagliardo, performed by Sarah Anne Guagliardo, produced/engineered by Rachel Papernick. "Eye C" used with permission: Composed by Ross Nolan, performed by Ross Nolan. My piece of the Peace Corps, is dedicated to the people who are now and will f...

  6. Ukraine Um, so, how was it?

    In the almost six years since I finished my Peace Corps service in Ukraine, I've thought a lot about what it all meant. Peace Corps as an organization often poses the questions: "What does your Peace Corps service mean to you?" or "How has you Peace Corps service impacted you life?" However, the question I've most been asked since I returned five years ago is: "Um, so, how was it?" A pretty impossible question to answer, actually. How to explain that you experience your highest highs ...

  7. Moldova Nistru River

    This is the Nistru River that boarders Moldova and Ukraine.  The river lies right behind my host family's home in Southeastern Moldova.  This picture was taken in July 2009 on my first visit to my new site.  The man in the picture is sitting with his cow while it grazes. 

  8. Morocco Eid al-Adha

    Joy on the morning of Eid al-Adha

  9. Ukraine Orange Revolution

    We were fortunate to serve during the Ukrainian Orange Revolution.  This is a shot of a young woman activist in Kiev.

  10. Turkmenistan Dinosaur Footprints

    Beautiful Kopetdag! Dinosaur Footprints!

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“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.