1. Senegal Sharing Thanksgiving

    Five PCVs, one visiting cousin and two Norweigan students cooked our Thanksgiving Meal 2008 at a small hotel on the Langue de Barbarie in Senegal.  One of the Volunteers, Sara Hollerich, bought the turkey and kept it in outhouse.  Her host-father killed it for her, then she and another PCV prepared it... We also baked pumpkin pies, made stuffing and mashed potatos in the little outdoor kitchen with a sand floor of the hotel.  This photo was taken in the bar of the hotel. 

  2. Senegal The Flat Tire

    On a trip down to the islands in the Mangroves of Senegal's Sine-Saloum Delta, our car got a flat tire... the converted station wagon veared off the road when it blew, making us shriek.  Thankfully we all got to our destination safely!  There were 7 PCVs on the trip.

  3. Senegal 1st Eco-Tourism Expo

    With my fellow PCV, Laurel Gladish at the Eco-Tourism Expo that the PCVs working with Eco-Tourism put on to help promote the communities they were working with to tour agencies.  The event took place at Club Atlantique in Dakar, Senegal.  There were approximately 13 PCVs and their community counterparts that participated in the event

  4. Azerbaijan Second Form

    This is my second grade English class, pictured with my Azeri counterpart, Mahire muellime.  Adorable kids.

  5. Fiji School Tour

    Hospital dietician taking height and weight of school children during the school tour on my home island of Kadavu...

  6. Honduras Niñas con Ticucos

    My little friends hold up the ticucos we just made, and which they will sell door to door that afternoon for 3 lempiras a piece. 

  7. Honduras Traditional Dances

    The dance group of el Centro Basíco line up to preform their traditional dance la tusa.

  8. Honduras Las Chicas de Barrio Lempira

    The hard working little girls of Bo. Lempira pose for a photo. 

  9. Honduras los chicos de barrio lempira

    The tough boys of Bo. Lempira pose for a picture.

  10. Nicaragua Peace Corps Legacy

    My name is Terri Kempton, and my parents met in the '60's as part of Peace Corps Turkey - then I became a volunteer myself in Nicaragua from 2000-2002. This is my story of how the Peace Corps has changed my life and an entry in the NPCA's video contest. Thanks to my family and Nica 23 for your help and cooperation! The song "Blow out the candle, day is here!" used with permission: Composed by Diego Gonzalez, performed by Diego Gonzalez and Terri Kempton, produced/engineered by Terr...

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“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.