1. Kenya Philosopher King in a mud hut.

    Sept 15 2004 I found the Philosopher King in a mud hut. At the end of his or her service, most volunteers have a wish for their departure. That is, that , although, he leaves the village, his legacy and good efforts will stay. I trusted John; he had that kind of determination to turn a mud house into a marble palace. The DDC. the African Inland church, the people in Ikutha, and even those in Ikutha were unsure of his capabilities. ‘He is a young man,” they thought. As if all ...

  2. Niger Tabaski Henna

    My host-sister in Niger washes her feet after applying henna in preparation of the celebration of Tabaski.  

  3. Dominica My House

    The village of Vieille Case lies in the northern part of Dominica, It’s built into a steep, Jagged hillside. With mountains to the west and ocean to the east, Its one of the most isolated villages on the island.. Difficult to get in and out of, It all depends if you can hitch a ride with one of the few passing cars or trucks. I lived on a hamlet of Vieille Case called Ambas (pronounced amber). between my house and the school I was teaching at was a large valley, so each day I would have to w...

  4. Niger Homemade Holidays

    (Taken from my blog: http://laballard.wordpress.com/2008/11/25/homemade-holidays/) This past weekend our region of volunteers celebrated Thanksgiving together.  It was a potluck style dinner that was fashioned from random findings in the city or from treasures shipped from home.  There was even stuffing, mashed potatoes, pie, deviled eggs, cookies, salad, turkey, cheese ball, gravy, and rolls to be had.  The dilemma comes when everything takes just a little longer than it normally would to pr...

  5. Niger Troublemaker

    I spent a few days at the village kindergarten and, with the permission of the teacher, decided to take picutres of the kids to hang around the classroom.  This little stinker would be my next door neighbor who, with the help of his younger twin brothers, has been known to thow things into my concession.

  6. Niger Fishing in the Desert

    A few young boys used nets to catch the remaining fish in the seasonal lake before it dried up completely.

  7. Niger Plunder

    While walking 12k to a bush village for a naming ceremony, we came across a seasonal lake where a group of young boys were scouring the pond for fish.  This young boy was proud to show us his plunder.

  8. Niger Old Man

    I ran into this cheeky old man while visiting the relatives of my host family.  He refused to leave unless I took his picture.

  9. Niger Fishbowl

    These stares were a familiar sight as I wandered about Kantche, my village.  Luckily, these boys didn't insist on doing karate moves when I asked to take their picture.

  10. Niger Bush Taxi Quiz

    Bush taxis are my most frequent mode of transportation here in Niger. Often times family and friends think I am exagerating about the number of people who ride inside one vehicle. This is video proof that I am not lying. There really is ALWAYS room for one more :)

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“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.