1. East Timor Zulia Tells a Funny Story

    Zulia Espostu shares a story of his life for a peace corps volunteer who has yet to understand.

  2. Tanzania One Person

    I made this video because I wanted to share with people how much of an impact one person can make if one would only try.  I'm an average person but Peace Corps helped me accomplish amazing things.

  3. The Gambia My Education First

    This is a billboard in Basse, The Gambia.  The entire time it was up, PCVs would discuss what was going on in it, depending on the experiences we had had with the educational system.  If you had a bad week, then it was a teacher propositioning a student.  If you had a productive week, it was a girl telling her father she wasn't ready to get married.  Either way, and everything in between, it was a lot of fun to make up stories about it.

  4. The Gambia Pounding Millet

    Every day, all day, the women gather to pound the millet or the rice for the days meals.  It is hard work, but can be a lot of fun also.  They sing, tell stories, gossip.

  5. The Gambia She's One Of Us

    I had only been in village a few months.  Most of the time, I was the only "tubob", or white person in my West African village. One day, as I was walking from the backyard of the main house, my host fathers youngest son, Mohamadou (3 years old) came running around the corner like the devil was at his heels.  He saw me, screamed my name and threw himself into my arms.  I picked him up and held him while he gripped me and burried his face in my sholder.  My Serehule wasn't that great ...

  6. Niger Snack Line

    The girls in this kindergarten class in Kantche, Niger line up to have kunnu (a millet based porridge) as a morning snack.

  7. St. Lucia The Human Body: An Advanced Course in Patois

    While serving as a PCV on the island of St. Lucia, I really enjoyed the opportunity to have a crack at learning another language, and had the chance to take extended Patios lessons alongside a fellow PCV and friend.  One of the most satisfying and amusing parts of my Patios lessons was learning seemingly inapplicable vocabulary that somehow extraordinarily enough found its way into everyday conversations. One day, when my fellow PCV was disappointingly absent attending a meeting, leaving me f...

  8. Guyana I Sexed a Caiman

    Made you look, huh? Before you jump to any lewd conclusions, I'll clear the air and inform you that it simply means I determined the sex of a caiman, or black caiman (melanosuchus niger), one species of alligators found here in the Rupununi, the region that makes up the southern third of Guyana. The largest, actually. Caiman House, HQ for the NGO I’m working with, gets its name from studying the black caiman here. One of the several projects CH is involved in is the Caiman Project, where they...

  9. The Gambia Bubbacarr's Chicken

    Bubbacarr was the youngest son of the director of the hospital where I worked.  One day, his mother told him to catch this rooster so we could have it for lunch.  He caught the chicken, but it pecked him and got away.  He chased it down, and again, it got away.  The third time, he caught the chicken, and was able to hang on to it.  He marched around the hospital grounds, showing everyone his chicken before presenting it to myself and his mother.

  10. Madagascar Health Fair Draws a Crowd in Northern Madagascar

    Volunteers give health messages at a health fair in Antsohihy, Madagascar

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“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.