1. Lesotho Joala

    Anthony is taking in the local culture: homemade sorghum beer called joala.

  2. Lesotho Volleyball

    Senkoase High School boys' volleyball team was awarded the opportunity to travel to the capital city of Maseru for a country-wide tournament.  We didn't do very well, but it was worth the trip: for many of the boys, it was their first time off the mountain and into the big city.

  3. Swaziland The Journey is the Best Part

    My husband decided to go hiking in flip-flops: bad for him, great for this photo!

  4. Lesotho Nature's Chair

    Ntate Mathaba, a co-worker, takes a break after a long day.

  5. Lesotho PC Partnership

    During Community Based Training (CBT), a young girl helped my friend Amy find her way home.

  6. Lesotho Anatomy of a Basotho Wedding

    I met my husband, a fellow PCV, at staging in Philidelphia.  Neither one of us had ever attended a wedding in Lesotho, so we had no idea what to expect.  It turned out that it was a lot of walking back and forth!  It spanned two days, and it was an experience that we'll never forget.  The best part was the involvement of our students and fellow teachers.

  7. Turkmenistan Türkmenbaşy mosque in the morning

    During training I lived in a village next to Türmenbaşy metjit (mosque), a huge building reputed to have the tallest minarets in Central Asia.  People didn't go there often, but it was certainly always in view.  It was always stunning to have this in sight every morning, a grand (or intimidating depending on the day) view as I headed to language training every morning.  The only people in the streets at that time are students headed to school.

  8. Philippines The Philippines: The First 10 Months

    These photos are from my first ten months of service in the Philippines. The pictures are mostly from the provinces of Negros Occidental (my training site) and Iloilo (my permanent site).

  9. Zambia That and How.

    Someday, when this journey is over, we will sit together. Perhaps we will be cupping steaming mugs, perhaps we will be stabbing salads, perhaps we will driving to and fro. Because that is what one does when one is young and lives on an island. And we will be talking. Of boyfriends, of other friends, of awful bosses, of the more awful lack thereof. Because that is what one talks about when one is young and lives on an island. And then you will ask me of Africa. And I will tell you certa...

  10. Cambodia Hands

    This photo was taken in a small lean-to on the side of the road in Prey Veng Province, Cambodia. My wife (Kara) and I were visiting our adopted grandmothers and they were always holding our hands and telling us about their lives. Their sons and daughters were all killed during the Pol Pot regime and they had no one left to take care of them as they reached old age. They lived off of the food and what little aid they could get from the local pagoda. By the end of our service they were convince...

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“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.