1. Niger Next to the chief

    My view in the chief's entryroom on the first day of Eid al-Fitr (the celebration of the end of Ramadan)

  2. Niger Snack time!

    A typical snack in Niger - tastes like potato chips!

  3. Niger Sixth grade

    This is the size of a typical sixth grade classroom in Niger. Notice the boy:girl ratio.

  4. Fiji Just throw it in the dirt until it's cooked...

    Here, our Turaqa ni Koro is preparing a lovo, earth oven, for our welcoming lunch. A traditional lovo is a fire made in a pit lined with heat resistant stones. When the stones are hot from the fire the food wrapped in banana leaves or set in coconut bilos is placed in the pit and covered with soil and leaves until ready to eat!

  5. Fiji Got Milk?

    Actually Turani is teaching my husband, Matt, how to harvest coconut water - the clear liquid inside young green coconuts. (Coconut milk, lolo, is from the mature brown coconuts.) Fresh green coconuts are harvested from the tree and then husked and a hole is bored into the top. The louder your sucking noise, the more you enjoy the drink!

  6. Fiji Yaqona Ceremony

    Everything in Fiji starts, continues, and stops with a traditional yagona ceremony. Yaqona comes from the dried root of the pepper kava plant and is a tranquilizing but nonalcoholic drink served in a coconut bilo.

  7. Mozambique The Fortunes Of War

    I was taken by  local colleague recently to meet his uncle and eat oranges and peanuts with him. I didn't realize that by the end of the meeting, I would henceforth be obligated to refer to him as my godfather.   The trip to his house was some ten kilometers by bike, the last of which was vividly reminiscent of "...over the river and through the woods." Upon arriving, although given the following context I hesitate to use the cliché, my jaw hit the ground. I was confronted by...

  8. Dominica A Grandpa To Look Up To

    During a long wait at a village bus stop for a ride to town, I was able to witness this moment between a grandpa and grandson.  As we all took refuge from the hot afternoon sun, I noticed what a great photo it would be and thus asked permission to take the photo - luckily the shot came right when the little boy was looking up at his grandpa.  It was nice to see Mr. Frederick out and about, as walking for him was rather difficult after a fall had rendered him partially disabled years back.  On...

  9. Guyana Renelle

    A young girl participates in the local cultural group which highlights song and dance that has been a part of Amerindian culture and is being passed down from generation to generation.   Don't let her cute demeanor let your guard down!  Renelle is a very spirited child and I have come to really enjoy her pokes and prods as well as all of her questions about myself, my wife, and what we are doing there. 

  10. Lesotho Ha Ke Bona Matla

    I asked the seniors of Senkoase High to perform my favorite hymn, Ha Ke Bona Matla (when I see your strength), so I could have a piece of Lesotho to bring home.

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“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.