1. Ecuador Mi Lindo Ecuador

    Parades happen in Ecuador almost every week, they are always celebrating one holiday or another! Here is a woman enjoying the festivities.  

  2. Guyana Road Washed Out

    There is only one main road to get to my site.  The government has tried to help by building roads along much of this main road, but due to heavy rains was washed out. This particular break in the road ended up stranding me for three days while we waited for the heavy machinery to come and repair the culvert and bridge.

  3. Kenya National Youth Service - Computer Class

    This is a group of my students at the National Youth Service - Yatta School of Agriculture in Yatta, Eastern Province, Kenya.  They are all learning how to use the computer for the first time.

  4. Paraguay Abc


  5. Costa Rica Children in Tortugero

    Children in Tortugero, Costa Rica rest on their front steps.

  6. Madagascar Street Child with Child

    One of the street children in my town.

  7. Madagascar Playing with my students

    Sometimes as a teacher, I took the kids outside to play English games.

  8. Madagascar Nosy Ve

    Sailing to nosy ve in a dug out canoe

  9. Madagascar Hitching a ride in Madagascar

    A fellow volunteer and I hitching a ride in the countryside.

  10. Turkey Vermont Saw Mill

    This was running of longest-running water powered sawmill in Vermont that was retored by Turkey V PCVs in 1964 during training.  I revisited Calais, Vermont site in 2009.  Restoration has been written up in Boston Globe, among other newspapers.

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“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.