1. Costa Rica In His Garden

    Don Lorenzo has a passion for gardens.  He spends much of his time in his garden and greenhouse in Copey, Costa Rica.

  2. Costa Rica Exploring

    A child explores looking through a viewfinder during a summer photo camp in Costa Rica.

  3. Costa Rica Manzana de Agua

    Manzana de Agua (water apples) are a fruit found in Costa Rica.

  4. Costa Rica Photo Camp

    Children in Copey, Costa Rica explore taking photos during a summer photo camp.

  5. Costa Rica Making Tamales

    Two women make tamales for the Christmas holiday in Costa Rica.

  6. Costa Rica Tamales

    Tamales are wrapped in plantain leaves for the holiday season in Costa Rica.

  7. Costa Rica Kitchen

    A typical Costa Rican kitchen

  8. Costa Rica Tamales

    Tamales are prepared during the Christmas season in Costa Rica.

  9. Costa Rica Cow Milker

    Rafa works nearly 80 hours a week milking cows at a dairy farm in rural Costa Rica.

  10. Kazakhstan You know when I went away to the Army 25 years ago...

    Upon arriving at site 15 months ago I was greeted by my soon to be host father at the train station. His son and I had met on the train coming from PST and we had decided that it would be a wonderful opportunity for all involved parties if I were to live with them for my required 6 months, before moving out on my own. Within the first couple of weeks I was a guest at many houses as I met cousins, brothers, aunts, and grandparents. All of them had the same similar questions as to how I arrived...

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