1. Zambia sokola hip

    this preschool aged girl demonstrates impeccable mastery of the precise hip movements which define the cultural dancing in zambia.

  2. Zambia resilience

    a woman carrying goods into the solwezi market

  3. Zambia reflections


  4. Zambia cheese!

    this amazing smile helped me through so many days...

  5. Zambia the art of sharing

    one coloring book and endless possibilities

  6. Zambia circle of love

    three of my favorite little people caught in a moment of love.

  7. Zambia mushroom gatherers

    This photo was taken during my Peace Corps service in Zambia (2003-2005) at Lake Chibesha, in the Mwinilunga District of Northwestern Province. These women emerged silently from the bush, carrying basins overflowing with mushrooms.

  8. East Timor Turn back the tide.

    As a way to thank the famalies who helped in out training the PCV's of TL-5 decided to throw a party.  Everyone liked the dancing and food.  Introducing a pinata in a child rich, candy poor community, however, took a quick turn for the worse. Telling a mob of children who only have candy once a year that they can have a lot of candy if they his something with a stick, not our best idea.

  9. East Timor Fallen Monument

    When the Indonesian occupation force left Eat Timor in 2000 the destroyed infrasturcture and ornament.  This fallen statue in baucau remains an excellent place to sit and hawk phone cards

  10. Madagascar School Garden Project

    The whole community got involved throughout this project!

Countdown to Weekly Contest Deadline!

“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.