1. Paraguay Yerba

    A long aisle of yerba, the shredded, dried plant needed to make terere or mate.

  2. Paraguay Me and mom

    Me and my host mom, Conchena, with whom I laughed for two years. One of my favorite people in the world.

  3. Paraguay Firehole

    My friend's dad in front of the tatakua, or fire hole in guarani, used to cook traditional foods.

  4. Paraguay Countryside School

    This was the old school in the area of Independencia. One weekend a few of us helped build a new one.

  5. Paraguay Lake

    The lake in Aregua, Paraguay.

  6. Paraguay Piggies

    Day-old piglets struggle to nurse.

  7. Paraguay Butcher Cart

    A woman shops for meat on the side of the road where this man often slaughters cows.

  8. Paraguay Grazing

    A horse grazes next to one of many abandoned houses with grass growing inside.

  9. Paraguay Meat storage

    I opened from fridge one day and gasped when I saw that someone had gone meat shopping.

  10. Paraguay Big animal

    Up close and personal with the ox that pulled my host dad's cart.

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