1. Mozambique Teacher Amanda with students

    Taking a break with students, in between classes

  2. Peru Clean Hands!

    After a handwashing activity my elementary school kids were so proud of their clean hands and fingernails.

  3. Ukraine My favorite english class

    I think I can safely say this was my favorite class while teaching in Stebnyk, in the Lvivska oblast of Ukraine. This was one day where they all wore traditional Ukrainian shirts to celebrate one of the many many many Ukrainian holidays. I just had to get in and take a picture with them. Now I have my own traditional Ukrainian blouse and love to wear it for my annual Ukrainian Christmas party back home.

  4. Azerbaijan Gone

    Derilict orthodox Georgian church, in a town almost boarding Russia

  5. Azerbaijan Engagement party

    Streamers for the bride, groom and bridesmaid

  6. Azerbaijan Shish kebabs

    Father and son frontyard bar-b-q. My favorite family

  7. Azerbaijan Socks and scarves

    Lahic staples

  8. Azerbaijan Chillin'

    There for the tourists, but it's their home

  9. Azerbaijan Cheese, etc.

    All locally produced, all the time

  10. Azerbaijan Lahic

    Old town, old tools

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“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.