1. Ukraine September 11th Across the Ocean

    The word for terrorist sounds the same in the three languages of my daily life -- English, Russian and Ukrainian. But I didn't want to write about the attacks on America in any language. There has been enough in the news, I wrote to one friend. I am in Ukraine, what do I know, I e-mailed another. The truth? I was scared I couldn't find the right words. Turns out, I didn't have to. A little girl in the fifth form at School Number 37 in Poltava found them for me. As we flipped though a copy o...

  2. Senegal After the Rains

    This photo was taken the day after a big rain.  The path was flooded, and you can see the towers from the village Mosque in the distance.

  3. Guyana Peace Corps Induction

    After swearing in someone got the bright idea to steal the PC flag that was used and then the ideas started rolling from there with what to do with it.     Please note that I have receieved permission to use this photo from each subject and that they are NOT nude as the picture might suggest.  Names will not be added.

  4. Peru abuelita y nieta

    My host grandmother and her granddaughter had a very special relationship.

  5. Morocco Sahara

    A camel trek in Merzuga in the south of Morocco. 

  6. Azerbaijan Keeping Up

    Hired helpers were trying to keep up at an Azeri village wedding.

  7. Morocco Through the Field

    Visiting my friend's site and talking a walk through the fields at sunset.

  8. Morocco Strawberry Boy

    A small boy buying strawberries at a small market in Marrakech.

  9. Morocco Kite Surfing

    Kite surfing tournament in Essaouria, Morocco

  10. East Timor Love and Handwriting

    There is not a word in English or Tetun, the ancient agricultural language of Timor, that describes how the Timorese teachers at out training feel about my handwriting.  All of the teachers turn in evaluations or the rare assignment they use an exquisite cursive script.  It looks like everything they write is an invitation to a wedding.  And here’s me with a fetid, scurvy, mush of letters better suited to tearful break ups and serial killers.   Horrified does not cover their distaste, la di...

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“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.