1. Bangladesh The bus stop

    Getting around required the bus, and getting on the bus required dealing with this...

  2. Bangladesh On The Bus

    Bideshis, or foreigners, were few and far between in B-desh.  Being one, was like being a celebrity, or a freak, depending on how you looked at it, or felt.  The bus was a microcosm of that.  When you got on the bus, you were trapped, locked in by the incessant stares.  If a picture can capture what it felt like, this was it.

  3. Bangladesh Infrastructure

    There isn't much planning or structure in this chaotic country, and things are often taken care of in the simplest, shoestring manner possible.  If it works, it works, and it will stay that way until it no longer does.

  4. Bangladesh By water

    Transportation in Bangladesh was never easy, and often seemingly set back 100 years (or more).  The seasons and endless water did not make it any easier.  There were boats, sure, but as in this picture, it shows that was not necessarily a better solution.  

  5. Bangladesh Life

    No matter how hard things were in Bangladesh, the kids were always a source of joy.  Their unending happiness and laughter were always a way of creating perspective.

  6. Bangladesh Ox Pulled Cart

    Things need to be moved, and in Bangladesh there isn't always a truck available, and though a bit slower, an ox can do the job.

  7. Azerbaijan Besh Barmaq Dagh

    Besh Barmaq Dagh, literally five-finger mountain, is one of the holiest places in the Caucasus range. A side view has five pinnacles that rise over a thousand feet above sea level. The front view shows the mosque and the trail to the top used by Muslim pilgrims who visit the dark rocks to pray.

  8. Nicaragua Somoto at Night

    My wife and I served in Somoto, Nicaragua as Community Health Promoters.  Somoto is a cowboy town 30 minutes from the border with Honduras.  It sits in a valley surrounded by bare mountains.  This photo was taken from our street corner.  It was almost impossible not to look up at the mountains and marvel at the site no matter the time of day, but this picture really gets to the heart of the beauty of Nicaragua.

  9. Cameroon Le pain H

    A typical breakfast in my village consisted of a mini-baguette filled with beans.  There were several names for this morning meal including, "Le pain H", et "Le Jazz avec le pain".

  10. Azerbaijan Waiting for the bus to leave.

    A Sheki Pedagogical Technicum (college) student looks over the town square (reflected in the bus window) while waiting for the bus to depart on the last big class event (a field trip/picnic) before graduation. .

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“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.