1. Mongolia Reindeer Games

    The Reindeer people live up along the Mongolian and Russian border subsisting on reindeer that they have domesticated. I caught this photos as the children were taking off to play in the tundra on the backs of reindeer.

  2. Mongolia Reindeer Family

    We visited a small village of reindeer people. The grandfather and his grandaughter came to visit us on the back of one of the reindeer. 

  3. Mongolia Moving Day

    Mongolians are nomadic herders, I caught this photo as a family was moving from their summer site to their winter site.

  4. Mongolia Countryside Kids

    I caught these 2 children playing on a trip to the countryside when we were conducint snow leopard surveys for WWF. 

  5. Mongolia Naadam Horsemen

    Every year Naadam is celebrated in Mongolia with archery, horse racing, and wrestling. These guys were waiting at the finish line to watch the horse race finish. 

  6. Tanzania Happy Halloween

    Villagers were not aware of pumpkins as we know them in America.  I introduced the seeds and they were excited about the whole process.  I showed them how we carve pumpkins for a special occassion called Halloween.  It was a great cross-cultural exchange.

  7. Mongolia Hasha Grandma

    This is the grandma of the family I first lived with in Mongolia. I loved watching her bless the beginning of every day with an offering of milk tea. 

  8. Mongolia girl in a lake

    My work group went to Uvs Lake for a party and I caught this picture of one of my co-workers little girls standing in the water. 

  9. Mongolia fish for dinner

    I bought these smoked fish from these kids but not before I got them to join me in a photo.

  10. Mongolia Milk Tea

    Milk Tea is the heart of mongolian food and drink. Every guest is offered a bowl of milk tea when you enter a home. 

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“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.