1. Malawi kudu

    These are African kudu, the closest thing to American deer. They are the feast of choice for lions.

  2. Malawi wildebeest

    These are wildebeest atop Nyika Plateau in Northern Malawi.

  3. Malawi Mt Mulanje Malawi

    A friend came to visit me at my site. I thought I was brave going in the Peace Corps; my friend visited me by travelling all across Africa by herself. We climbed Mt Mulanje in southern Malawi with the help of porters. Lumber is often carried down this mountain by men hoisting slabs on their heads. At the base of the mountain were many landmines, as the Mozambican civil war was just coming to an end in 1992. The locals think that when we climb mountains we are doing it to go speak with the God...

  4. Malawi peace corps training

    This is the coed cheerleading squad we assembled at training.

  5. Malawi learning to build a fire in the bush

    This woman was my Peace Corps trainer. We are on a village visit. She is teaching me how to build a fire from scratch in the bush to cook.

  6. Zimbabwe rainbow over victoria falls

    This is a rainbow over Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe.

  7. Zimbabwe zambezi river elephant

    This was an elephant I saw crossing the Zambezi River in Zimbabwe while on a canoe trip for 2 weeks.

  8. Zimbabwe zambezi river elephants

    I took a 2 week long canoe trip down the Zambezi river in Zimbabwe. This was an elephant herd I saw crossing the river in front of team of three canoes.

  9. Malawi Monkey see monkey do

    This picture was taken at a place in Malawi called Monkey Bay. At this special site on the Shire River, monkeys would play and steal food from people. They constantly stole bananas from travelers.

  10. Malawi Victoria Falls

    This is Victoria Falls seen from the Zambian side. I was on a bridge bewteen Zambia and Zimbabwe when I took this picture.

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“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.