1. Brazil Overland

      My student Overland (pronounced Oh-ver-láwn-dee) was named for the text his father saw on a truck in an American movie. Overland often rode his horse to the family farm in the countryside to fetch fresh milk for his family. Occasionally, he stopped at the home Brunie (another PCV) and I shared. We boiled the milk and added cocoa powder and sugar, then we lingered over Overland's favorite beverage, hot chocolate. Since our only transportation (except for buses to other cities) was our feet, ...

  2. Brazil The Road to Heaven

    In Brazil, I was stationed in Glória, "heaven" in Portuguese. This scene was my very first view of the small city in the distance on the horizon, when the Peace Corps director for the state of Sergipe delivered me, my suitcase, and my footlocker to the town in the Peace Corps jeep.           The countryside was a lush green indicating recent rain. On the dirt road to Glória, we had negotiated many large puddles that hadn't dried yet from the hot tropical sun ten degrees south of the...

  3. Brazil Young Mother

    This young mother was proud to show off her young children and sit for a portrait.

  4. Brazil Toad Soup

    When I arrived in Glória (my Peace Corps site) Brunie had already been there a year. Kindly, she let me share her small house. We soon developed a routine of shopping at the weekly market and performing other household chores. I hated to clean and Brunie was bored with cooking, so Brunie did most of the cleaning while I usually prepared meals, although Brunie cooked occasionally.          When she first told me she was going to make ox tail soup, I was doubtful that I would like it, but it wa...

  5. Brazil An American By Any Other Name

    Note: some of the names in this story have been changed, not to protect the innocent, but because my memory has failed me. ------------------------       At the festa, I studied my neighbors swaying to the rhythm of the Brazilian beat. I heard the music, but I didn’t internalize the samba the way the Brazilians did as they moved fervently around the dance floor. I had been in Brazil only a few weeks. My Portuguese was still flawed and I could comprehend only those who slowed their speech to...

  6. Brazil Ralfie & I

    RALFIE & I   We had little in common and never become close, Ralfie and I, but we both set down roots that grew and remained in a place very foreign and strange to us both.  Of a generally serious and aloof demeanor, tall, string bean thin, very fair skinned and with light blond hair, we contrasted physically.  I was as tall, lean and with dark hair and a skin that tanned easily.  I was from the white suburbs of Northern California and he from the white suburbs of Florida.  Southern white...

  7. Nigeria "Ahh, Kennedy. Il est mort."

    In 1964, my friend Marge and I left Sokoto in a Peace Corps jeep, headed for adventure. We crossed the border into Niger. No problems at the border...a small hut on the Nigerian side with a couple of youngsters in uniform waving us through. Similar kids a hundred yards later on, and similar treatment. We got some good French bread in the first little town we came to, and said unkind things about Nigerian bread, recipes for which were created by the British. We set off through the desert f...

  8. Micronesia Western Islanders Sailing Canoe

    Western Islanders in Chuuk sailed to Udot during our training program to meet future Volunteers assigned to their islands.

  9. Brazil Building her School

    This little girl was intrigued by the mold used to make the bricks for her new school.

  10. Brazil The National Sport

    Soccer is the national sport in Brazil.  All the smallest villages have a soccer field that is used every weekend.

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“Sunset at the Railroad” by PCV Nicholas Baylor Hall. Namibia, 2011.